• What Type Of Weight Bench Should I Buy

    Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1

    Finding home gym equipment such as a weight bench can be a challenging task as there are plenty to choose from.  For those who are wondering what type of weight bench should I buy?  There are also many other factors to take into account and you probably ask yourself more questions such as:

    • Where am I going to put it?
    • Is it worth the money?
    • What can I use it for?
    • How long would it last?

    If that’s the case then don’t worry because hopefully with our guidance your questions will be answered and you’ll waste less time researching and spend more time making gains!


    What type of bench to go for?

    The two main types of benches are the Olympic Bench and Dumbbell Bench, one important factor to take into account is what one to choose.  For those who don’t know the difference, with an olympic bench you do your chest & shoulder exercises with an Olympic Barbell because the weight bench comes with a attached squat stand whereas with a dumbbell bench you do your chest & shoulder exercises with a set of dumbbells.

    Golds Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench But with some olympic benches you may be able to get away with using it for dumbbells exercises if the squat stand which holds the barbell doesn’t interfere with your movement. 

    A dumbbell bench is more mobile and can also be used for barbell exercises if you purchase a Squat Stand. The combined cost may be more but it will allow you to have two separate pieces of equipment.

    Fortunately you can buy a squat stand for pretty cheap now. We’ve compiled a list of the best squat rack for your home gym, where some are even less than $100!

    There may be very few which offers a detachable squat stand and a weight bench together, one which does is the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench. Which is why this is our number one rated weight bench. Compare the best workout bench and decide what one is the most suitable for you.


    Standard vs Olympic weight bench

    A good way to help you become more decisive and so you don’t end up doubting your choice is to point out the facts.  In this case listing the pros and cons of each one will help you with your decision.

    Standard weight bench pros:

    • More styles including foldable options available.
    • Lighter and portable so can be used anywhere.
    • Can buy a separate squat rack so you can use it for olympic bar exercises too.



    Olympic weight bench pros:

    • Already comes with a squat rack which usually also allows you to do squats.
    • More suitable once you get past a certain strength where dumbbells are no longer sufficient.
    • Usually comes with several attachments such as: Leg developer, preacher pad or even lat tower.


    • Heavier so not really portable.


    Limited on space?

    If you are limited on space then unfortunately you are limited on choice, however there is a good solution, a folding weight bench would be the best option.  Folding weight benches are really portable and you don’t have to worry about finding it a permanent location as when it’s not used it can simply be stored in places such as: Under the bed, against the wall, inside a wardrobe, etc.  

    There are two good quality folding weight benches which are the Powerline PFID125X and Body Solid GFID225, these are both dumbbell benches. A good olympic bench that can fold is the Best Fitness BFOB10 but this is not as portable as the other two.


    Is it worth the money?

    The Body Solid GFID225 offers a lifetime warranty!

    Some people may think the price of a weight bench along with the necessary equipment such as: Barbell, weight plates, Adjustable Dumbbells, etc, may add up to be quite costly.

    But, if you think about it, it isn’t really that expensive because you’re buying the equipment on a long term basis, you’re investing in your health and well-being. The equipment can also be seen as an asset, because if for any reason you decide you don’t want the equipment anymore then you can still sell it.

    To ensure the equipment will last a long time, you should check to see how much warranty is offered on the product. Manufacturers that are confident their product is built to last will usually also offer a very long warranty period to back up their claim.

    A gym membership would probably cost you more for the year and you don’t gain any assets after the year like you would if you was to buy the equipment. You’re also unlikely to have 24/7 access to the gym, whereas at home you can train whenever you want!


    Other important things to consider

    Once you’ve decided what type of weight bench should you buy.  You should:

    • Check how much space you have available against the dimensions of the bench.
    • Check the maximum weight capacity the bench can support, this is more important for the people who can lift heavy weights.  You need a bench which is very strong and sturdy which has a maximum capacity more than what you can lift.
    • Read customer reviews, this will give you a good indication of how reliable your product will be further down the line from people who has actually used the product.
    • Think about long term usage, a lot of people like to change their workout because they get bored of the same workout.  So if you feel you could be one of these people then you may want to consider a weight bench which offer separate attachments, this way you can try new workouts and keep yourself motivated.  The Ironmaster Super Bench offers a lot of attachments such as: Chin up attactment, Dip handle attachment, Leg extension curl attachment, etc.

    Taking everything into account, start finding the best weight bench!