• Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes for Home Use

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    Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    Recumbent exercise bikes are an alternative to upright exercise bikes, particularly if you feel that the latter puts too much strain on you. Recumbent exercise bikes are perfect for those with arthritis as they put less strain on your joints. However, there’s plenty of benefits to reap without arthritis. For example, you can work out your calves, glutes, and thighs, while enjoying the significantly more comfortable seat. It’s wider, therefore easier to balance on. It is also ideal for those who have back problems.

    For those who are finding it difficult to enjoy longer workouts on upright exercise bikes, they’ll find that using a recumbent exercise bike allows them to work out for longer. This is due to the fact that it puts less pressure on your joints. Not only will this improve your endurance, it will also boost your mood, as exercising releases endorphins.

    If you are a little older, a recumbent exercise bike is even better as there is a lower risk of injuring yourself while working out. There are plenty of benefits to using a recumbent exercise bike. Even better, you can easily multitask while using one. For example, watch your favourite show or read a book. You might even be able to game at the same time! Without further ado, let’s take a look at our top 5 best recumbent exercise bikes.

    Our Top 5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes Reviews

    Shwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    • Maximum weight capacity : 300 lbs.
    • Offers 25 magnetic resistance levels, so you can work out at your own pace.
    • Includes 50 routes for you to explore and 29 workout programs to follow.
    • Connect your phone and fitness apps to the exercise bike through bluetooth connectivity.
    • Track your heart rate using the ergonomically placed grip.
    • Easily slide the ventilated, padded seat along the aluminium rail system using the lever.
    • Item dimensions : 64 x 27.7 x 49.9 inches (LxWxH).
    Possible deal breaker :
    • The heart rate grip isn’t fully accurate.

    Shwinn’s 270 recumbent exercise bike has so much to offer and is a massive upgrade from its predecessor, the 230. For example, you can now have 4 user profiles, rather than 2. There are 25 resistance levels, instead of 20. You can view 29 workout programs and explore 50 routes across the world, all on the installed DualTrack backlit LCD screen.

    You can track all your progress by connecting your phone to the bike through bluetooth, then hooking it up to your favourite exercise app. The bike can also track your heart rate, though it might not be fully accurate. In terms of adjustability, the seat can slide along the aluminium rail system and cater to all sizes. Furthermore, the seat is contoured and padded for comfort, as well as ventilated with mesh.

    Nautilus E616 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    • Maximum weight capacity : 300 lbs.
    • Offers 25 levels of magnetic resistance and 29 workout programs.
    • The padded seat has a ventilated back and can be easily adjusted.
    • Make use of the MP3 player jack or charge your phone using the built-in charging port.
    • Subscribe to the Explore the World program, so you can discover over 50 global routes!
    • Item dimensions : 61 x 22 x 41 inches (LxWxH).
    Possible deal breaker :
    • There’s a considerable design flaw with the seat.

    We must address the seat’s design flaw above all else. A couple users have reported that when adjusting the seat, it will also rise or lower in height. Furthermore, the seat requires regular tightening, particularly if you plan to use it frequently. However, looking past these points, the Nautilus E616 recumbent exercise bike has so much more to offer! For example, it has an Explore the World subscription. You have 3 free courses to start with. Once you subscribe, you access to over 50 routes to discover.

    Nautilus’s bike also offers an MP3 player jack, so that you can play music as you work out. On top of this, there is a built-in charging port, so your phone is never too far out of reach. You can also connect your phone to the bike using bluetooth, then update fitness tracking apps with your progress.

    Marcy ME-709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

    • Maximum weight capacity : 300 lbs.
    • Constructed of heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel tubing with a powder coated finish. 
    • Use the tension knob to choose between 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
    • Installed with a LCD computer screen that acts as an odometer, while also showing your progress.
    • Enjoy the comfortable, padded seat and grip the foam-covered handles for extra support.
    • Equipped with counter-balanced weighted pedals that provide optimal comfort and control.
    • Item dimensions : 58 x 25 x 38 inches (LxWxH).
    Possible deal breaker :
    • The screen is not backlit, so may be difficult to read in certain lighting.

    Marcy’s ME-709 recumbent exercise bike is one of the highest rated recumbent exercise bikes on Amazon with over 18,000 reviews! It has many great features. For example, the step-through design that enables quick and easy mounting and dismounting. It’s constructed of heavy-duty, 14-gauge steel tubing with a powder coated finish, so you don’t have to be gentle with the bike while exercising.

    Although the ME-709 has a limited number of resistance levels compared to others, it makes up for it in comfort and control. You are in control. The padded seat and handles ensure your comfort, while the pedals ensure your safety, with extra safety straps!

    Progear 555LXT Recumbent Exercise Bike 

    • Maximum weight capacity : 250 lbs.
    • Offers 14 levels of smooth magnetic resistance.
    • Features a durable, steel-frame construction that has a ‘step-thru’ design.
    • The computer LCD screen provides statistics in large font, so you can read it easily.
    • You can set goals on the screen for your distance, calories burned, and time.
    • Easily transport the machine using the transportation wheels.
    • Item dimensions : 47 x 22 x 43 inches (LxWxH).
    Possible deal breaker :
    • Difficult to assemble.

    Although the Progear 555LXT recumbent exercise bike is difficult to assemble, it’s a treat to use once it’s ready. It offers 14 levels of smooth, magnetic resistance – simply turn the knob to your liking! The durable, steel frame is designed for easy mounting and dismounting, therefore there’s less strain on your knees and back.

    Easily view your statistics on the computer LCD screen, thanks to its large font. Alternatively, you can set goals for the time, distance, and calories burned. Feel the satisfaction as you fit your goals! When you’re done, easily wheel it into storage or out of the way using the roller wheels.

    Marcy NS-716R Recumbent Exercise Bike

    • Maximum weight capacity : 300lbs.
    • Adjust the resistance using the tension knob. Enjoy upto 8 levels.
    • Track your speed, distance, time, and calories burned using the computer LCD screen.
    • Easily modify the seat to suit an array of sizes and users.
    • Keep your water bottle close with the built-in water bottle holder.
    • Tilt your machine and transport it using the roller wheels.
    • Item dimensions : 52 x 25 x 38 inches (LxWxH).
    Possible deal breaker : 
    • There’s no device holder.

    Lastly, we have another recumbent exercise bike from Marcy, the NS-716R. Enjoy the 8 magnetic resistance levels, which users have reported to truly range in difficulty. The bike is very quiet and the ride is smooth. There’s also a built-in water bottle holder, so that you can stay hydrated. However, there’s no device holder, so you might want to set up the bike near your television if you’re prone to boredom.

    You can easily adjust the seat for multiple users. The inseam length is approximately 28 – 34 inches, so is appropriate for all heights and sizes!

    How to Choose the Best Recumbent Exercise Bikes

    Recumbent exercise bikes are an investment and a little more expensive than upright exercise bikes, so you’ll want to buy one that works for you.

    Height and weight capacity

    There’s no point of getting a recumbent bike you can’t fit on! Always check the capacities on the product’s page and compare it to your height and weight.

    Adjustable features

    In some households, there might be more than one user. In which case, you’ll want the bike to have an adjustable seat to cater to more than one size.


    If you want a more authentic biking experience, you’ll want a heavier flywheel.


    You might not have a fitness instructor or YouTube channel to follow for your workouts. In these instances, you might want the bike you purchase to also come with structured workouts and routes to ride along.


    If you’re not convinced by the recumbent exercise bike (which you should be!), you might want to take a look at our indoor cycling bikes instead.