• Top 5 Best Pull Up Dip Stations

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    1) Weider Power Tower2) Marcy Power Tower3) ProGear 275 Tower Fitness Station4) Stamina 1690 Power Tower5) Bowflex Body Tower
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    Weider Power Tower
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    Marcy Power Tower
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    Progear 275 Tower Fitness Station
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    Stamina 1690 Power Tower
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    Bowflex Body Tower
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    Pull Up StationYesYesYesYesYes
    Dip StationYesYesYes YesYes
    Push Up StationYesYesYesYesYes
    Leg Raise StationYesYesYesNoYes
    Cushioned Arm RestsYesYesYesNoNo
    Padded Hand GripsYesYesYesYesYes
    Maximum Weight Capacity300 lbs300 lbs275 lbs250 lbs300 lbs
    Dimensions (Inches)57 L x 41 W x 84 H54.5 L x 40.5 W x 88 H43 L x 38 W x 84 H50 L x 41.5 W x 81.5 H50 L x 50 W x 77 H
    Weight94 lbs88 lbs88 lbs54 lbs120 lbs
    Warranty90 Days2 Years1 Year5 Years On Frame

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    5 Years On Frame

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    A Guide To The Best Pull Up Dip Stations

    Pull up stations also known as power towers, workout towers, pull up & dip stations and chin up stations, allows you to do several different types of exercises using primarily using your own body weight.  The construction of a pull up station is usually steel as it needs to be strong and sturdy to support the users.

    Depending on the model, 2 people may be able to use the station simultaneously, some models have the push up bars located at the back of the stand so one person can use the push up bars whilst the other uses the pull up bars or dip station.


    Different Types Of Exercises

    There are many different types of exercises you can do with a pull up station, below we’ll list the main types of exercises it’s generally used for:

    Pull ups – This mainly works the back muscles which include the lats (latissimus dorsi) and traps (trapezius), it also works on your biceps.  Pull ups can be done wide grip or short grip, short grip with your palm facing you will put more emphasis on your biceps.

    Body Solid Dipping Belt

    A dipping belt allows you to add on extra weight

    Dips – Dips mainly targets your triceps but also works your chest, shoulders and abs, you can increase the weight by wearing a dipping belt and adding weights onto the dipping belt.  Be careful not to dip down too low as this can aggravate your rotator cuff, you should go down until your shoulders are in line with your elbows.

    Push ups – Although push ups can be done on the floor without any equipment, doing push ups on the push up bars located at the bottom of most of the power towers is more effective than just a normal push up as it allows a wider range of motion and requires more balance.

    Leg raises – The padded backrest and arm rests allows you to keep your back more relaxed and stable, whilst you raise your legs which will target the core muscles primarily but it’ll also target your quads especially if you keep your legs straight when raising them.

    Sit ups – Some power towers will have a horizontal bar located at the bottom of the stand, this will allow you to lock your feet in place to keep your body stable so you can do sit ups or ab crunches. 


    How To Choose The Best Pull Up Dip Station

    With plenty of options to choose from, choosing the best pull up dip station for you may not be so straightforward, but we’ll provide some guidance so hopefully it’ll be easier for you to decide:

    What will you be using it for – Most pull up stations will offer very similar features but some will offer more such as a horizontal bar at the bottom for sit ups.  Decide what muscle groups you want to work on and what exercises you would want to do, then you can check whether the pull up station offers the features to allow you to do those exercises.

    Where to place it – A lot of the power towers have the push up bars located at the back, so unless you’re not planning to use the push up bars you can’t place the stand with the back against the wall otherwise you won’t be able to access the push up bars.

    Models such as the Marcy Power Tower is designed to fit into corners so this design is quite space saving if you’re a bit tight on space. 

    Maximum weight capacity – The maximum weight capacity should be enough to support most people, however some people may wear a belt to additional weight when they’re doing pull ups or dips and this might take them over the weight capacity.

    If you feel like you’re capable of adding on extra weight, then consider choosing a pull up station that has a higher maximum weight capacity.