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    Top 5 Best Multifunctional Weight Bench

    Keeping fit and healthy is important, particularly during the winter months. However, it might not be possible for everyone to go on their usual morning runs or to pop into the gym. In these circumstances, a multifunction weight bench is the perfect solution.

    The main perk of these benches is being multifunctional, as its name suggests. Depending on the model, you can change the weight bench into a flat, roman, preacher, sit up, hyperextension, incline, or decline bench. Thanks to the versatility, you won’t have to buy more than one bench. Therefore, you can save a lot of space, while getting the perks of several exercises.

    Now, you might ask why bother getting a bench at all? There are many benefits to exercising with a bench, rather than without. For example, a bench will provide the support you need to maintain correct posture. It can also help you focus on the exercise, rather than any discomfort you might experience. Over time, it’ll help you gain speed and efficiency with the exercises.

    Take a look at our top 5 best multifunction weight benches – we’re sure you’ll find one you like!

    Our Top 5 Best Multifunctional Weight Bench Reviews

    Flybird Adjustable Bench

    • Has a 600lb weight capacity.
    • Made of heavy-duty commercial steel.
    • Designed with 6 back positions & 4 seat positions.
    • The bench is made of a high quality leather and filled with soft foam with a 1.8’’ thickness. The backrest’s width is 9.7’’, ideal for those upto the height of 5ft9’’.
    • No assembly required and can be easily folded and stored.
    Possible deal breaker
    • Not the most durable bench.

    Flybird generally has good designs for their products – and their adjustable bench is no exception. It has a unique triangular frame, made of heavy-duty commercial steel. It can support upto 600lbs and makes a comfortable workout experience with its thick padding and high quality leather. Those who enjoy versatility in their workouts will like hearing that it has 6 back positions and 4 seat positions.

    However, it isn’t the most durable bench. It’s not ideal for those doing workouts that include stepping up and down on the bench (for example, the Beachbody Hammer and Chisel workout). Due to its lightweight, it may also move during some exercises, such as Bulgarian split squats. However, its lightweight is also a positive, making it an easy to carry bench. Furthermore, Flybird’s adjustable weight bench is ideal for those who have less storage space, as it can be folded up easily.

    Finer Form Multifunctional Weight Bench

    • Has a static weight capacity of 660lbs and a dynamic weight capacity of 400lbs.
    • Back pad’s length is 48’’, making it ideal for people upto 6ft tall.
    • Supports flat, incline, decline, and back extension exercises.
    • Built from durable, high-quality steel. The triangular frame enhances the bench’s stability.
    • High density cushion ensures maximum support.
    Possible deal breaker
    • The plastic footrests aren’t fully secured and can pose a safety risk.

    What sets Finer Form’s multifunctional weight bench apart from the others on this list is its integrated preacher curl pad. It allows for yet another world of possibilities! It can be adjusted into 8 positions, while the leg developer has 4 positions. The decline bench has 3 levels. This weight bench is very durable, with a static weight capacity upto 660lbs. To further enhance its stability, it has been designed with a heavy-duty triangular frame.

    Before buying this, however, you also want to be aware of its plastic footrests. It’s not the most stable and can pose a safety risk. However, it’s not crucial to the bench’s design or most workouts. Overall, Finer Form’s multifunctional bench is a good and affordable option.

    Relife Rebuild Your Life Adjustable Weight Bench

    • Can support upto 660lbs.
    • Made of a thickened 1.5mm heavy-duty commercial steel, which is double reinforced. The triangular frame also enhances its stability.
    • Offers 3 seat positions, 7 back positions, and 3 leg developer adjustments.
    • The cushion offers a 2.2’’ thickness, high elasticity, and breathable material.
    • The seat is covered in durable leather, which can resist sweat and wear, as well as prevent slipping.
    Possible deal breaker
    • Socket set is beneficial for the bench’s assembly.

    Relife’s adjustable weight bench is highly praised by its users. Multiple users have tested its weight capacity and declared it’s sturdy and durable – with no wobble or shake! It’s suitable for a range of heights and has an array of positions, making it ideal for all kinds of exercises. Its non-slip rubber feet also makes it a safer bench.

    You can exercise comfortably, knowing you are receiving full support from the cushioning and seating. The cushioning is a breathable material, while the durable leather protects it from any wear, tear, and sweat. It’s perfect if you want a long lasting bench!

    Flybird Weight Bench

    • Has an impressive 700lb weight capacity!
    • The triangular frame is made from a heavy-duty commercial steel.
    • When folded, it’s only 30.3’’ x 16’’ x 9’’ (LxWxH).
    • Lightweight, weighing only 12kg.
    • Soft foam padding has a thickness of 2’’. The backrest is 10.6’’ wide and made of leather, advertised to form no cracks over time.
    • Ideal for users upto 6ft2’’.
    Possible deal breaker 
    • Not ideal for shorter users, since the bench rises 21’’ from the floor.

    Flybird’s second contender is its 01 weight bench. It boasts the heaviest weight capacity on the list at 700lbs! Despite its weight capacity, it itself is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 12kg. This weight comes at an advantage for those who have to regularly move the weight bench. Another perk is its folding function. When folded, it’s only 30.3’’ x 16’’ x 9’’, therefore easy to store away.

    One of its main problems, however, is its height. Typically, the average length from the heel to the back of the knee is 17.4″ to 23.7″, whereas the bench rises 21’’ from the floor. Therefore, for shorter users, it can be difficult to exercise properly without tiptoeing. Overall, Flybird’s 01 weight bench is versatile, compact, and straightforward to use.

    Hitosport Adjustable Weight Bench

    • Has a 550lbs weight capacity.
    • Equipped with 2 resistance bands, ideal for supplementing dumbbells or warming up.
    • Offers 7 back positions, so you can utilise an incline, flat, or decline bench.
    • The thickened cushion has great breathability and elasticity, while the covering leather is wear-resisting and sweat-proof.
    • Nearly no assembly required.
    • When folded, it only takes up 1 square foot of space.
    Possible deal breaker
    • Resistance bands are quite weak.

    To finish the list, we have Hitosport’s adjustable weight bench. It’s the cheapest option on this list; however, that comes at the sacrifice of the weight capacity. It can only handle 550lbs, the lowest here. Hitosport’s adjustable weight bench is ideal for lighter lifters.

    A feature that this weight bench offers that the others don’t is the integrated resistance bands. Although many users have complained about their low resistance and weakness, it is better for beginner exercisers and warm ups. Lastly, what wins Hitosport’s bench quite a few points is its folding function. When folded, it only takes up 1 square foot of space, making it easy to put away in a corner, closet, or under the bed!

    How to Choose the Best Multifunctional Weight Bench

    When choosing a multifunctional weight bench, you want to make sure it’s right for your needs, but most importantly, is sturdy and stable. The last thing you want is to drop a weight on yourself because the bench collapsed beneath you!


    How much available space do you have? The last thing you want to do is buy a bench and realise it won’t fit anywhere. Measure your space and if all else fails, you can look into foldable weight benches.

    Weight Capacity

    The last thing you want to happen is to be pressing some weights, only for your bench to collapse beneath you. Invest in a bench sturdy enough for you!


    Does the bench adjust to the positions you need it to? There’s no point buying a weight bench targeted exclusively at lower back exercises when you want to also work on your arms.

    Flat VS Adjustable

    Before you press the ‘Buy Now’ button, consider whether a flat weight bench might be more suitable. Despite what people believe, flat weight benches are also very versatile, though not as much as adjustable ones. Flat benches are generally cheaper and more durable too since they have less moving parts. It’s something to consider!


    The multifunctional bench is ideal for those who do a variety of exercises. However, if you want something more targeted, you should take a look at our top 5 decline ab workout benches. Alternatively, you can look at our top 10 workout benches.