• Squats

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    Squats is an exercise avoided by many people for many reasons such as: Not knowing how to do squats, bad back, don’t train legs, plus many more!  But for the one’s that do squats properly, it pays dividends!

    The technique for squats in my opinion is one of the most difficult, and poor technique can easily lead to injury.  There are different types of squats but this particular one I’m referring to is the barbell back squat as shown in the video.

    Targeted muscles:

    • Primary: Quadriceps (quads) and gluteus maximus (glutes).
    • Secondary: Hamstrings, gastrocnemius (calves) and abdominals.


    • Set the bar at a height just below your shoulders (so you can easily lift the bar off).
    • Practice with just the bar to get your technique right.
    • To lift the bar off the stand, grab the bar at a wider than shoulders width, dip your head under the bar and rest the bar on the top part of your traps.
    • Take a couple of steps back and stand with your feet at a little wider than shoulder width apart.
    • Slowly go down, push your hips back and stick your chest out and look straight ahead.
    • You should be going very low so you bum should be going lower than your knees. (Make sure your knees doesn’t go over your feet!)
    • Remember to inhale when going down and exhale when coming up (squats uses a lot of energy so you need to make sure your muscles get all the oxygen it can).
    • When coming up keep the same form.
    • When placing the bar back on the stand, do it the same way you took the bar off the stand.


    Squats is so beneficial as it works all of your leg muscles including two of the biggest muscles in your body being the quads and glutes.  Studies has also shown that training the leg muscles release more testosterone!  This is why you shouldn’t skip leg days!

    Your legs is the foundation of your body therefore it is important to have a strong foundation.  It is important that you practice perfecting your technique as a lot of people have poor technique when it comes to squats and because of the movement involved you can easily injure yourself.