• Skullcrushers

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    Skullcrushers is not one of the more popular choice of exercises, perhaps some people doesn’t actually know what it does for you.  Unfortunately it doesn’t work multiple muscle groups like some other exercises do but it is still a very good exercise for the muscle it does work.

    Targeted muscle:

    • Primary: Triceps


    •  It’s best to use an EZ curl bar, hold the bar on the inner grips with your palm facing away from you.
    • Sit on the end of the bench with the bar on your thighs.
    • Lay down on the flat bench and push the bar up directly above your chest.
    • Keep your elbows still and lower the bar towards your forehead until the bar very gently touches it.
    • Your elbows should be static and shouldn’t flare out!  It should be fairly close together.
    • Slowly extend your arms back to starting position
    • Again make sure you breath in when bringing the bar towards your forehead and breath out when pushing the bar away.
    • When you finish your set you can either lower the bar towards your chest and use your back to push yourself forward back to your seated position with the bar on your thighs or from the position where the bar is on your forehead you can pull your elbows further back so you can lower the bar behind your head to the floor.


    Skullcrushers isolates the triceps, working the triceps as a primary muscle benefits you when you do any bench press or shoulder press exercise, having strong triceps will help you get extra reps or an increased weight for those exercises.

    Despite skullcrushers not targeting any secondary muscle groups, I find this the best exercise to build your triceps and as mentioned having strong triceps will help compensate for other exercises involving the triceps.