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    Body Solid GFID225

    Dumbbell folding benches can be stored in convenient spaces such as under the bed

    A fold up weight bench is a great solution for anyone who enjoys weight training from home but lacks space. Most people would have the available workout space for a weight bench but if the bench was permanently in that spot it probably wouldn’t be ideal as it’ll block walkways or look tacky.  Therefore, the ease of being able to fold away the weight bench after will solve that problem.

    The two best folding weight benches are the Powerline PFID125X and Body Solid GFID225. Both of these can fold flat to be conveniently stored under the bed, against the wall, in the garage or in the shed.  In addition, they’re both very durable and offer a long warranty period.

    There are also two Olympic folding weight benches which is the Best Fitness BFOB10 and Marcy Folding Olympic Weight Bench, so if you prefer to train using an Olympic bar as opposed to dumbbells and you also lack space then this could be your solution. Unfortunately, these can’t be stored under the bed, it can only fold upright but can still be put aside so it’s not in the way.

    Not Only Used When You Have Limited Space

    Some people may think a fold up weight bench might not be as strong and sturdy as a good rated adjustable weight bench. Just because the legs fold up so the bench can be stored away that doesn’t make the structure weaker, in fact the two adjustable folding weight benches mentioned above are actually among two of the best workout benches.

    Even if you had the available space the portable weight benches should be highly considered, as the main purpose of the design was to be strong and sturdy, the folding design just happened to give it a unique edge.  In fact, a folding workout bench is one of the best equipment to have for your home gym.

    Nonetheless, the need for a compact weight bench is becoming increasingly popular since more apartments than houses are being built.  As mentioned, you can store a folding weight bench under your bed which makes them preferable for apartments and small spaces.

    Comparing The Best Fold Up Weight Benches

    Unfortunately, you’re more limited when it comes to trying to find a good compact folding weight bench.  Fortunately, we’ve compiled together a comparison table showing the top 5 best foldable weight benches.

    1) Flybird Adjustable Folding Weight Bench2) Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench3) Flybird Adjustable Utility Bench4) Ativafit Adjustable Folding Bench5) Marcy Folding Olympic Weight Bench
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    Average User Rating4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)
    Olympic Bar or DumbbellsDumbbellsDumbbellsDumbbellsDumbbellsOlympic Bar
    Squat StandNoNoNoNoNo
    Standard AttachmentsLeg Hold Down BarLeg Hold Down Bar Leg Hold Down Bar Leg Hold Down Bar

    Resistance Band Hooks
    Arm Curl Pad

    Leg Developer
    Dimensions (Inches)49L x 16W x 44.5H59L x 23.5W x 48.5H42.1L x 12.6W x 35.4H45.3L x 17W x 43.8H69L x 29W x 50H
    Weight31.8 lbs35 lbs32 lbs30 lbs70 lbs
    Warranty1 Year On Frame

    30 Days On Padding
    1 Year Limited1 Year On Frame

    30 Days On Padding
    30 Days2 Year Limited

    Powerline PFID125X Flat Incline Decline Folding Bench

    The Powerlink PFID125X is very competitively priced

    The Powerline PFID125X is still strong and sturdy and can handle a maximum weight capacity of 500 pounds with your body weight included and combine this with the very competitive price makes this our best folding weight bench.

    Built to commercial standard

    On the other hand, if you just wanted something cheap but still portable, then the Fitness Reality 1000 is a very affordable stow away weight bench for way under $100.  Although the durability can’t be compared to the GFID225, it can still support up to 800 lbs of weight in total.  Furthermore, it only weighs 35 lbs, so can easily be transported from one place to another!

    Another factor to take into consideration is the use case. If it’s for light workouts or if you’re not lifting heavy weights, then you can still get a collapsible weight bench to fit under the bed for under $100! We’ve put together a list for you of best weight benches under $100!

    If you want a commercial rated weight bench then the Body Solid GFID225 is very heavy duty which supports around 1000 pounds including your own weight. You’ll also benefit with the lifetime warranty offered only if you’ll be using it at home.  Although this is a bit more expensive, it’s actually quite unique in the sense that it’s commercial rated but can also fold away conveniently.

    Users who prefer a folding Olympic weight bench can choose from either the BFOB10 or Marcy from our comparison table above.  However, these two can’t really compete with the other top rated Olympic benches, as it’s not as well built and sturdy enough.  The only edge they do have over its competitors is that it is an Olympic weight bench that folds up to the wall or can be stowed away.

    There are pros and cons of each one, our guide on what type of what bench to buy, will give you a comparison between the two types.


    Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench

    Best Fitness BFOB10 is a folding Olympic bench but not Olympic standard

    If you are restricted on space then a fold up weight bench should be highly considered, this is especially ideal if you live in an apartment. This will enable you to even workout in your bedroom and when you’re done, you can fold up the bench flat and put it to one side pretty much anywhere in the room.

    A folding Olympic weight bench doesn’t completely eliminate the lack of space issue as when it folds up it still takes up a bit of room. It’s more of a preference if you prefer working out using an Olympic bar.  However, a good substitute for this would be to use a squat rack with a folding workout bench, this will enable you to workout with an Olympic bar.

    Once you’ve decided on the best compact weight bench it’s time to get some weights.  If you’ve chosen a folding weight bench under bed, then a set of adjustable dumbbells will be more space friendly.  However, it’s worth comparing adjustable dumbbells vs fixed, as there are pros and cons of each one.