• Powerblock Sport Bench Review

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    Powerblock is well known for their unique adjustable dumbbells design, but they do also produce a few weight benches which do not disappoint.  Their weight benches do not have as much of a reputation in the fitness market like their adjustable dumbbells do, but because you know it’s built by a well known manufacturer you would have quite high expectations.

    Continue reading our Powerblock sport bench review to discover if this is the right choice for you or is there a better alternative.


    5 Adjustable Positions

    The backrest can be adjusted to these angles 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 85°, which are great for most exercises. It’s worth reiterating that the highest angle is 85° and not 90°, this may be a deal breaker for some people. One of the benches from a top brand that has the 90° angle is the Bowflex, maybe after reading our Bowflex 5.1s stowable bench review, you can get a comparison.

    In addition, the seat has two positions, flat and incline. This does help when doing certain exercises such as incline benching.

    Weight Capacity

    We know the Powerblock adjustable dumbbells are solid, well this sports bench is no different. Made of 2” x 3” 14 gauge tubing, this makes the bench very tough and study that can support up to 550 lbs.


    Being able to get as much use out of your bench as possible will justify the initial upfront investment. One way this can be done is through the use of additional attachments. There is an additional cost involved, but the Sport Bench Dip Attachment allows you to use the bench as a dip station as well! There is also a pull up attachment which is sold directly on their website.


    As the item is quite heavy due to its strong construction, the built-in wheels and handle allows for easy transportation.


    Covered by a 5 year warranty on the frame and 1 year on upholstery.


    Dimensions – 50”L x 21.5”W x 18”H

    Weight – 57 lbs

    What Can Be Improved

    More Adjustable Positions

    Although the 5 adjustable position may be enough for most users, some may prefer a few more. If you could do with more positions, then a good alternative could be the Powerline folding bench. As the name suggests, it can fold, has a longer warranty period, has 7 positions and it’s slightly cheaper!

    Doesn’t Fold Away

    Unless you have a dedicated gym area, then having a gym bench permanently out is not really ideal. Even if space wasn’t an issue, it’s worth taking a look at the best foldable weight bench options as some are more sturdy than non-foldable benches.


    Powerblock Sport Bench

    The Powerblock Sport Bench is a well built dumbbell bench from a trusted manufacturer.  Having no decline position is only a minor con as most people tend to use flat and incline settings when lifting weights, but the decline position would be really handy for ab crunches as this would give a wider range of movement and also increase the intensity.

    A weight bench which does allow a decline setting is the Body Solid GFID225, it also has a higher maximum weight capacity as this is also a very strong and sturdy weight bench.

    Overall the Powerblock Sport Bench is suitable for anyone looking to lift weights because it’s reasonably priced and it has a 550 lb weight capacity which should allow room for improvement if you eventually lift heavier.  It also comes with a long 5 year warranty for home use on the frame and 1 year warranty on the upholstery.