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    Powerblock is well known for their unique adjustable dumbbells design, but they do also produce a few weight benches which doesn’t disappoint.  Their weight benches doesn’t have as much of a reputation in the fitness market like their adjustable dumbbells do, but because you know it’s built by a well known manufacturer you would have quite high expectations.


    • Backpad adjustable to five different positions: 0°, 30°, 45°, 60° and 85°.Powerblock Sport Bench
    • Seat can be adjusted to a flat or decline position.
    • Maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.
    • Made of 2″ x 3″ 14 gauge tubing, making the bench very tough and sturdy.
    • Built-in wheels and handle for easy mobility.
    • Separate Powerblock Sport Bench Dip Attachment available.
    • Bench comes mostly assembled and has no removable parts.
    • 10 year home use warranty on frame.
    • 1 year warranty on upholstery.
    • Dimensions: 50″L x 21.5″W x 18″H.  Weight 57 lbs.


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    • The seat can be adjusted to a decline position so when you’re doing incline exercises on the bench you’re in a more comfortable position where you’ll be likely to have more control.
    • Bench is quite light and mobile but yet still very well built, enabling it to withstand a maximum weight capacity of 550 lbs.
    • Dip attachment available to purchase separately which gives more choice for exercises to do.  Although this involves another cost, other adjustable weight benches doesn’t even have the option to attach a dip attachment other than the Ironmaster Super Bench.
    • Very minimal assembly required as the Powerblock Sport Bench comes mostly assembled anyway, there are also no removable parts which also another indication that its sturdy.



    • No decline position available, therefore unable to do decline press and ab crunches.
    • The seat cannot be flat when the bench is in a 85 °upright position, the seat has to be at the decline position.  This is probably how most people would prefer it anyway but some may prefer it with the seat in the flat position.


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    The Powerblock Sport Bench is a well built dumbbell bench from a trusted manufacturer.  Having no decline Powerblock Sport Bench position is only a minor con as most people tend to use flat and incline settings when lifting weights, but the decline position would be really handy for ab crunches as this would give a wider range of movement and also increase the intensity.

    A weight bench which does allow a decline setting is the Body Solid GFID225, it also has a higher maximum weight capacity as this is also a very strong and sturdy weight bench.

    Overall the Powerblock Sport Bench is suitable for anyone looking to lift weights because it’s reasonably priced and it has a 550 lb weight capacity which should allow room for improvement if you eventually lift heavier.  It also comes with a long 10 year warranty for home use on the frame and 1 year warranty on the upholstery.

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