• Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench Review

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    The Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench is manufactured by Impex Fitness who has been established since 1980. Impex has a number of brands including Marcy and Competitor, their products include weight benches, cardio equipment, bars, dumbbells plus many more.

    Our review below on the Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench will give you more of an insight on whether this bench will be suitable for your home. It’s also worth checking out our comparison of the best workout benches if your options are open.




    Adjustable backrest bar

    The backrest bar supports the back pad and this can be adjusted to change the positioning of the bench, allowing you to workout at different inclines. There are 4 adjustment positions including decline which enable you to place more focus on different chest muscles and your shoulders.


    Seat sliding track

    The seat adjustment on this Marcy Diamond Elite Bench doesn’t adjust the way most conventional benches do. Instead, it uses a seat sliding track that allows you to adjust your seat and back pad closer or further away from the stand.

    You can slide your seat all the way back so your seat is nearly at an upright position, perfect for you to do shoulder press with the Olympic bar.

    Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench


    Adjustable safety spotters

    Bench press with an Olympic bar with no spotter can be quite dangerous if you’re a beginner, so this safety feature is definitely worth having. However, for more experienced users it can also limit your potential. But, by you knowing you have that safety bar catch, you’re likely to be mentally stronger and be able to push a couple more reps!


    Reverse walk in squats

    As you can probably see from the pictures of the Marcy Diamond Elite Bench, the rear pegs on the back of the squat stand allows you to use it for squats! One of the great perks of buying an Olympic bench, the squat stand is fairly sturdy being able to support up to 134kg.

    Of course it can’t support as much weight as the Valor Fitness Squat Stand, but not bad at all for an additional perk to this unit.


    Preacher curl pad

    Focus on building your biceps with the preacher curl pad. This will allow you to fully isolate your biceps, so you’re properly working on just your biceps. When you’re not using the curl pad this can also be removed to give you more space.


    Dual function leg developer

    Train both your quads and your hamstrings with the leg developer, ideal for building your overall leg muscles and not just your quads. Furthermore, the leg developer can lock in one place which can be used to lock your feet in so you can do ab crunches.


    Weight plate storage

    Keep your workout area tidy by putting your weight plates on the weight plate storage holders when they are not in use. You can also put weights on there to give the bench a bit more stability when you’re using it.



    Maximum weight

    To give you an idea of whether this bench will support your body weight or the maximum weight you’re able to lift, here are the maximum weight limits the bench can handle:

    Bar catch – 300 lbs

    User weight – 300 lbs

    Bar catch and user weight combined  – 600 lbs

    Leg developer – 100 lbs



    Marcy provides a limited 2 year warranty with this bench.





    Dimensions – 80″ L x 47.5″ W x 60″ H

    Weight – 114 lbs


    What Can Be Improved


    Limited to where you can place the weight bench, as you can’t have the squat rack against the wall otherwise you won’t have access to the squat rack.


    Squat rack height

    Although this won’t be an issue for many users, however, users who are shorter or taller may struggle with the squat rack height not being adjustable.


    Leg developer max weight

    For anyone wanting to use the leg developer to exercise your quads, the maximum weight capacity is only 100 lbs. This is not really that much weight, however, you can also use the squat rack to work on your legs.


    Alternative Choices

    Best Fitness BFOB10

    If it was the amount of space the Marcy Diamond Elite Weight Bench takes up then this is a pretty good alternative, since it can fold up and save space when it’s not in use. Doesn’t come with as many attachments and it is a little bit pricey, but the space saving design can be a deal clincher. Perhaps a fold away weight bench could be a better option?

    Best Fitness BFOB10 Review


    Gold’s Gym XRS20

    Another great option as the bench and squat stand come as two separate units, allowing you to move it in a more convenient location to save space if you need to. Also comes with similar attachments and works out to be a little cheaper!

    Gold’s Gym XRS20 Review



    Now that we’ve come to the end of our Marcy Diamond Elite Bench review, you’ll have to decide whether this Olympic bench is worth considering?

    One thing for sure is that it’s not a heavy duty unit given the fact that it can only handle up to 300 lbs on the bar catch, so if you’re lifting close to 300 lbs, that’s great! But, this bench is probably not for you.

    If having an exercise bench that allows you to work multiple muscle groups appeals to you, then perhaps the Phoenix 99226 would also be a good option.  However, the Marcy brand is a lot more established and well known if you prefer to stick to a weight bench from a well known manufacturer.

    There are other weight benches out there, which might offer better value for money, check out our Top Rated Weight Benches. Marcy hasn’t really reduced the price of this bench to make it more price competitive. However, the neat design and multiple attachments of this unit might still be enough for beginner and intermediate users.