• Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench Review

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    The Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench is manufactured by Impex Fitness who has been established since 1980.  Impex has a number of brands including Marcy and Competitor, their products include weight benches, cardio equipment, bars, dumbbells plus many more.

    Our review below on the Marcy Diamond Olympic Bench will give you more of an insight on whether this bench will be suitable for your home.


    • Olympic bench capable of supporting 7 ft olympic size barbells.Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench
    • Heavy duty construction.
    • Adjustable back pad, bar and preacher curl pad.
    • The back pad can adjust to multiple positions, decline, flat, incline and upright.
    • The seat can slide backwards and forwards.
    • Able to train various muscle groups such as: Chest, shoulders, bicep, legs and more.
    • Reverse walk-in squat feature.
    • Dimensions: 80″ L x 47.5″ W x 60″ H.  Weight 114 lbs.

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    • Has two adjustable safety pegs which can be placed near to your body when benching incase you struggle.
    • Can also use the bench for dumbbell exercises.Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench
    • Can perform plenty of exercises to target different muscle groups.
    • Adjustable preacher curl pad and bar.
    • Dual function leg developer with locking mechanism for performing abdominal exercises.
    • Reverse walk-in squat feature.
    • Storage facility for weight plates (located on the back of the squat stand).



    • Limited to where you can place the weight bench, as you can’t have the power rack against the wall otherwise you won’t have access to the squat rack.
    • Squat rack height not adjustable, you may struggle if you’re too short or too tall.  The Marcy Pro Olympic Bench allows you to adjust the height of the squat rack.
    • Leg developer maximum weight capacity 100 pounds.


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    Please note the Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench is also known as the Marcy Diamond Olympic Surge Bench.  The Marcy Diamond Elite Olympic Bench has an adjustable back pad allowing you to work all parts of your chest and shoulders, squat rack and leg developer allowing to build your quads and other leg muscles, it also has a removable preacher curl pad allowing you to work your biceps and other arm muscles.  Considering all the features this bench offers, you definitely get value for your money.

    Having so many features on one bench can sometimes make it look tacky but I think the manufacturer has still managed to make it look fairly stylish.  By having so many features on this bench it saves a lot of space, as it eliminates the need to buy the equipment separately.

    If having an exercise bench that allows you to work multiple muscle groups appeals to you, then perhaps the Phoenix 99226 would also be a good option.  However, the Marcy brand is a lot more established and well known if you prefer to stick to a weight bench from a well known manufacturer.

    On the back of the squat stand there is also two olympic weight plate storage posts to store weight plates which will keep your workout area looking tidy when not in use.

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