• Is The Bowflex 5.1s Stowable Bench Worth Buying?

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    You may or may not have seen the latest top of the range stowable weight bench from Bowflex. One thing for sure is that you will definitely be attracted to the sleek design of the Bowflex 5.1s stowable bench. This is an upgrade from the previous model the Bowflex 5.1, the 5.1s model boasts a new sleek design and greater versatility.

    Has US based Bowflex nailed it again with their latest upgraded workout bench? Is the new space saving design good enough to compete with other folding weight benches? Our Bowflex 5.1s stowable bench review will give you an indication on whether this is right weight bench for you and is it worth buying.




    6 Adjustable Positions

    There are 6 adjustable positions -20°, flat, 30°, 45°, 60° and 90°, all these positions are perfect for pretty much any exercise. Only very few benches will be able to go to such a steep decline position, one of them is the Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max, which is also a great cheaper option. However, the maximum incline position the Fitness Reality can go up to is 80°.

    This just goes to show that the Bowflex 5.1s bench is very versatile with the various adjustment positions. Many users appreciate benches that can reach the full 90° incline angle, as many benches will only go up to an 85° incline angle.


    Space Saving Design

    A feature that’s not been present in any of the previous Bowflex weight bench models, is the ability to store it away and save space! Engineered to be stored vertically, the Bowflex 5.1s can quickly be placed upright when not in use which reduces its footprint by 50%.

    We need to point out that it doesn’t fold away flat like the Powerline PFID125X would, benches that can fold away flat can be stored under the bed or even against the wall which makes them probably more space efficient.

    Perhaps you might want to check out our comparison of other foldable workout benches in case there’s a more suitable model for you.



    Being made from heavy duty commercial quality steel you can bet this bench is made to last. Bowflex weight benches have always been top quality in terms of their construction which is why they are so popular among many users.

    When comparing this to other best workout benches, you’ll see that the construction of this bench would be more superior to other more budget friendly benches.


    Adjustable Seat & Leg Hold Down Brace

    Thankfully the Bowflex 5.1s bench has an adjustable seat which can be adjusted to two positions, flat and incline. With the incline seat position, it’s set at the same angle as when the backrest is fully declined which makes this bench very effective for ab crunches. Furthermore, the incline seat position is set at the right angle for incline bench exercises.

    Although the leg hold down brace does have its purpose, some users may find it obstructing for certain exercises. Luckily, this can be removed. This now also cleverly folds up to save space for when the bench is being placed upright.


    Weight Capacity

    With the ability to support up to 600 lbs in total, this is a good improvement from its predecessor which was only 480 lbs. This amount should be more than enough for most users, even if you don’t need a weight bench with such a high weight capacity, you can bet it’ll be very sturdy.



    Most manufacturers do try to make the assembly process fairly quick and simple, in this case, it’s no different. It all comes in just one package, and the bench will mostly already be put together. All the required tools to finish assembling the bench will be included and it shouldn’t take you no longer than 30 minutes to assemble the bench and get started!



    Covered by a 15 year warranty is provided on the frame and 1 year is provided on the upholstery and parts. Although the warranty offered is satisfactory, we have noticed that with the previous model the Bowflex 5.1, they did offer twice as long on the frame.




    Dimensions – 61.3”L x 28.1”W x 49.5”H

    Weight – 70 lbs


    What Can Be Improved

    Weight Capacity 

    As we mentioned above, the weight capacity would be more than satisfactory for most users. However, for the price of this bench, we would have thought the maximum weight capacity would be slightly higher.



    Maybe this wouldn’t be an issue for everyone, but when the bench is in the flat position, there is quite a wide gap between the back rest and the seat. The gap is around 4 inches and may only affect some shorter users but might not even impact you at all.


    Leg Hold Down Brace

    Unfortunately, this doesn’t just detach within seconds, you have to actually unscrew it to get it off. This may only be a slight bother for people who like to have to leg hold down brace on and off for certain exercises, but for those who will have it permanently on or off this wouldn’t be an issue for you.


    Alternative Choices

    Bowflex 5.1 Bench

    When considering alternatives, you can not dismiss the predecessor! Bowflex 5.1 is a solid bench and just because the 5.1s is a newer model, that does not mean the 5.1 should be out of the picture. You will save around 25% on the price and also benefit from the longer warranty period on the frame.

    Bowflex 5.1 Bench Review


    Body Solid GFID225

    Another great option that can save you even more space, as this bench folds flat so can be placed out of sight under the bed. Being commercial rated you can trust that the GFID225 will provide you with great durability. Not to mention that Body Solid provides you with a lifetime warranty!

    Body Solid GFID225 Review



    Now that you’ve read our Bowflex 5.1s review, we hope this has given you more of an insight as to whether this weight bench will suit your needs. Without a doubt, we can probably agree that this is a solid and sleek looking bench that you that’ll look good in your home gym!

    The question is whether you have the budget for this bench or whether you think it’s worth the money. As you can see from our top rated workout benches that the Bowflex 5.1s ranks very high, but ultimately, the choice is yours!