• Ironmaster Super Bench Review

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    Living up to the solid reputation of the Ironmaster adjustable dumbbells, this Ironmaster Super Bench is suitable for heavy loads with its 1000 pounds weight capacity when flat.  Add even more exercises to your workout with the optional attachments.  If you think this bench could be a perfect match for your home gym then read on!



    • Adjusts to eleven different positions including decline, flat and incline.Ironmaster Super Bench
    • Very heavy duty.
    • Very versatile as you can buy various attachments to add on.
    • Adjust the positioning of the bench by using the foot lever on the adjustment ring, can be operated from both sides!
    • The seat has three adjustable height settings and easily plugs in from the side.
    • Comes partly assembled but very quick and easy to assemble.
    • Comes with a 10 year warranty against structural or mechanical failure.  1 year warranty on upholstery.
    • Dimensions: 44″ L x 18.8″ W x 21″ H.  Weight 65 lbs.


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    • Very versatile as the bench can be used for more exercises by purchasing the attachments all of which simply plugs in the Ironmaster Super Bench, purchasable attachments include:
    • Ironmaster Crunch Situp Attachment This attachment can be used for decline bench press and situp crunches, it also has adjustable positionings.
    • Ironmaster Dip Handle Attachment This attachment can be used for tricep dips and leg raises for lower abdominals, also height adjustable.Ironmaster Super Bench
    • Ironmaster Chin Up Attachment – This attachment can be used for pull ups, either wide grip or narrow grip.  Theheight is adjustable from 78″ to 89″.
    • Ironmaster Leg Extension Curl Attachment – This attachment is heavy duty and allows you to do leg extensions and leg curls to build and develop your leg muscles.
    • Ironmaster Preacher Curl Attachment – This attachment can be used for bicep curls with either dumbbells, a EZ curl bar or a free bar.
    • The purchasable attachment saves a lot of room as it eliminates the need to have a completely separate machine or stand.
    • You can adjust the actual height of the seat rather than being able to adjust the incline angle of the seat.



    • The Ironmaster Super Bench doesn’t come with any of the attachments.  They all have to be purchased separately!
    • If you do happen to own several attachments for this bench and you are doing multiple exercises then you’ll have to keep changing the attachments and changing the angle of the bench.
    • The angle of the seat can’t be adjusted.


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    The Ironmaster Super Bench is very strong, sturdy and versatile, one of the unique features of this bench is Ironmaster Super Bench the number of different attachments you can buy for it.  Although the downfall is the bench doesn’t come with any attachments at all, but by having the attachments it really will save space!

    The great thing about the Chin Up attachment is that it allows you to do your pull ups in a convenient place rather than in the doorway!  The Dip Handle Attachment is also very convenient as it eliminates the need to buy a dipping station which will take up a lot of room.

    Despite the bench being quite pricey if you do take full advantage of what the Ironmaster Super Bench has to offer such as purchasing the most suitable attachments then you’re likely to benefit from buying this bench.

    However, if you weren’t planning to purchase any additional attachments then you’re not making full use out of this bench.  A good alternative if you wanted just a solid weight bench would be the Body Solid GFID225.

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