• Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench Review 2022

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    The Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench is a product of the well-known Gold’s Gym who also operates a chain of gyms worldwide. Established in 1965, not only is Gold’s one of the most recognized names in the fitness industry, they also specialize in fitness equipment such as: Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weight benches, dumbbells, and accessories.

    Our Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Review below will give you more of an insight on whether this bench will be suitable for your home. It’s also worth checking out our comparison of the best workout benches if your options are open.


    Compatible with dumbbells or Olympic bar

    One of the best features of the XRS 20 is the fact that it can be used together with the squat rack for barbell exercises, or the bench can be used individually for dumbbell exercises. Having the option to use both types of weights really gives you more options to incorporate into your workout.

    With that being said, you may ask yourself, what type of dumbbells do I want? You probably would have heard of adjustable dumbbells, but it’s worth keeping your options open. We put together the pros and cons of adjustable dumbbells which will also give you a comparison against standard dumbbells.

    It would be difficult to use dumbbells on most other Olympic benches as the squat stand is usually permanently attached, so may obstruct your movement. If you’re after the Gold’s Gym weight bench with the lat pulldown, it is the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 you would want.

    Standalone squat rack

    Being able to freely move the squat rack means that you’re able to perform squats with no obstruction as you can move the bench out the way. This also means that you’re not as limited on where you can place the units.

    Furthermore, the height of the squat rack is adjustable which is perfect for most user heights. Thanks to this, if you place a barbell on top of the squat stand on the maximum height setting, it can even be used as a pull up bar!

    Separate squat rack with safety spotters

    6-roll leg developer

    Work your quads and your hamstrings with the 6-roll leg developer. A great attachment to have as you probably wouldn’t buy a separate machine to work just your hamstrings, so the leg developer ensures you won’t be neglecting your hamstring muscles.

    Preacher pad & curl yoke

    Used to train your biceps and forearms, both attachments can be removed when you’re not using it so it doesn’t get in your way. Also, if you prefer, you can remove the curl yoke and use just the preacher pad along with a dumbbell to train your arms.

    The curl yoke might not be comfortable for all users so using a dumbbell gives you a wider range of motion and your movement is not as limited.

    Adjustable safety spotters

    Believe it or not but by having safety spotters it can help you overcome some physiological barriers and help you push a little bit more than you usually would. Knowing you have a form of security can help boost your confidence and mental strength.

    Adjust the safety spotters to your preferred position for bench press and squat exercises. Having an actual spotter would still be better but the safety spotters are a great alternative.

    Multiple positions

    Can be adjusted to flat, incline and decline positions like most adjustable exercise benches. Many Olympic benches do not have as many adjustable positions as typical benches do. So, the Gold’s gym XRS 20 Olympic workout bench really gives you the same flexibility as an adjustable bench would.

    Weight plate storage

    On the back of the squat stand there are two posts which are used to store weight plates after you’ve finished your workout. Ideal for keeping your workout area tidy! It’s also handy to put weights on here when exercising to help stabilize the stand.

    Maximum weight

    A fairly sturdy bench that’ll be ideal for beginners to intermediates. The maximum limits are as follows:

    Squat rack – 300 lbs

    Bench – 300 lbs


    Covered by a 90 day manufacturer’s warranty.


    Dimensions – 73″ L x 49.5″ W x 65″ H

    Weight – 114 lbs

    What can be improved

    Decline position

    Although there is a decline position on this bench, the position does not go at a decline angle as far as the Bowflex 5.1 weight bench would go to. In other words, if you’re planning to use the decline position of the XRS 20 for your workouts, you might be left disappointed.

    Maximum weight limits

    Despite being a strong and sturdy bench, the Gold’s gym XRS 20 Olympic workout bench is not designed for heavy duty use hence the maximum weight limit. A slight letdown for those who can lift more than 300 lbs, as this is a versatile and practical bench.

    Warranty period

    Having a long warranty period will give you more reassurance that should anything go wrong with your bench, the manufacturers will cover certain things. However, this bench only includes a 90 day warranty which is quite poor when compared to other benches such as the Powerline PFID125X, which comes with a 10 year warranty.

    Not saying anything will go wrong after 90 days of using the XRS 20, but, having a longer warranty period just gives you more confidence to buy.

    Alternative choices

    Marcy MWB-20100

    Space deprived but still want an Olympic bench? The Marcy MWB-20100 is a folding Olympic bench which makes it a great alternative choice. A fold up exercise bench is a very wise choice if you’re lacking on space.

    Includes just as many and very similar attachments, however, one of the downfalls is that you can’t use this unit for squats. Marcy does offer a much better warranty option so this bench could be worth considering.

    Marcy MWB-20100 Review

    Body Solid GFID225

    Provides a much higher maximum weight capacity so ideal for anyone who can push beyond the 300 pound capacity the XRS 20 offers. Also, backed by a lifetime warranty, so it’s designed to last for a lifetime. Not to mention the fact that it can fold up and fit right under your bed!

    Unfortunately, this bench does cost more money as you can imagine and it’s only compatible with dumbbells rather than an Olympic bar.

    Body Solid GFID225 Review


    Now that we’ve come to the end of our Gold’s Gym XRS 20 review, you’ll have to decide whether this Olympic bench is worth considering?

    You are definitely getting your money’s worth with the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Bench, not only can you bench press with a Olympic Barbell using the squat stand but you can use the weight bench separately for dumbbell exercises. An average quality squat stand alone will cost you at least $70.

    As already mentioned, one of the setbacks of this bench is the fact that Gold’s Gym only offers a 90 day warranty. If this is a deal breaker for you then don’t worry there are plenty of other excellent home weight benches you should consider.