• Dumbbell Bench Press

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    The dumbbell bench press on flat bench is one of the most standard but most effective exercises.  It is vital you have the correct technique, a lot of people try lifting too heavy which worsens their technique.  It is not that easy to perform the dumbbell bench press with the correct technique as it also uses a lot of smaller muscles in your arms to help balance the dumbbells.

    Targeted muscles:

    • Primary: Pectorals and triceps.
    • Secondary: Shoulders, deltoids and abdominals.


    • Choose a warm up weight your comfortable with (don’t go heavy straight away!).
    • Place the dumbbells on the bench (so you don’t waste energy picking them up off the ground).
    • Place the dumbbells on each knee while seated on the bench.
    • Use your knees to help push the dumbbells towards your chest and at the same time lay back on the bench. (Make sure your feet are on the ground!)
    • Turn your wrists so your palm is facing away from you (your arm should be at an 90° angle).
    • Push the dumbbells up and make them touch in the air, but don’t slam them together! (Also don’t arch your back!)
    • It is very important that you exhale when pushing up and inhale when bringing the dumbbell back towards your chest. (your muscles need oxygen so it doesn’t fatigue quickly!)
    • Slowly lower the dumbbells back to your chest, make sure the dumbbells come back low enough to chest level.
    • The handles of dumbbells should be in line with your nipples, not too high up or low down.
    • When you finish your set, push the dumbbells together on your chest, palms facing each other.
    • Use your back and arms to push the dumbbells forward safely back onto your knees, then lift them up and place them back on the bench.


    Dumbbell bench pressing will really build and strengthen your chest, it also has a lot of emphasis on your triceps as you have to keep the dumbbells from moving left to right, backwards and forwards and work those really small muscles in your arms as well if you’re not use to this type of exercise.  Your abdominals also get a workout to help keep your body stable.

    The pectorals is the primary foundation to building other upper body muscles and as the chest is one of the main muscle groups working the chest will naturally increase your strength for other upper body exercises.