• Champion Barbell 47 x 1-Inch Chrome E-Z Curl Bar

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    Champion Barbell 47 x 1-Inch Chrome E-Z BarFeatures:


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    • Can be used for many exercises such as: Bicep curls, Skullcrushers, Close Grip Press and many more!Cap Barbell Free Weights Standard 12.5 Pounds
    • The shape of the bar is designed to be comfortable on the wrists.
    • If you already own 1″ weight plates then you can use those same weight plates for this bar.



    • The thickness of the bar is 1″ so if you already own olympic weight plates which accomodates 2″ bars, you have to purchase a set of weight plates which accomodates 1″ bars.



    When deciding what E-Z Curl Bar to purchase, check to see what size weight plates it accepts because if you already have or you’re planning to get an olympic bar with olympic weight plates you may benefit more by purchasing a Cap Barbell Weight Bar 47-Inch Olympic Ez Curl Bar as this will support olympic size weight plates.

    The Champion Barbell E-Z Curl Bar will only support 1″ weight plates.  An E-Z Curl Bar is more beneficial for some exercises which would be quite difficult or not as effective if done with a standard olympic bar.

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