• CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench Review

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    CAP Barbell has had over 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and has a leading distributor and provider of fitness equipment.  CAP Barbell has a wide variety of products over 600 in 10 categories, they target anyone from beginners to enthusiasts.  CAP Barbell alongside with three other brands which are Velocity Fitness, Tone Fitness and CAP Strength are all part of the same group with each brand having a different focus.


    • Main frame constructed of strong steel.Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench
    • The backrest adjusts to 7 different positions: 0°, 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75° and 90°.
    • The seat adjusts to 3 different positions: 0°, 15° and 30°.
    • Can be used with resistance bands.
    • Both cushions are boxed stitched for added support and durability.
    • Has wheels making the bench more mobile.
    • Comes with 30 days warranty.
    • Dimensions: 53″ L x 27″ W x 45″ H (in upright position).  Weight 42 lbs.


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    • The bench can adjust to a very comfortable position with both the backrest and seat being Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench adjustable.
    • There are 2 handles fixed to the bottom of the bench which are designed to support the use of resistance bands.
    • Strong and sturdy bench for how light and mobile it is.
    • Quick and easy to assemble.



    • CAP Barbell only provides 30 days warranty which is not long enough compared to some other manufacturers.
    • There is no decline position.  If you prefer a weight bench that can go in a decline position, then a good alternative would be the Powerline PFID125.


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    The CAP Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench has some very good features which a lot other weight benches don’t offer.  With one of them being the Cap Barbell Deluxe Utility Bench seat can adjust to 3 different positions which provides extra support and allows to find a very comfortable position when doing incline benching in particular.  Another great feature is how you can use resistance bands to tone your muscles, this can either used when laying on the bench or it can be used standing.

    This bench is really light only weighing 42 lbs however it can still support a weight capacity of 500 lbs (including user) in the flat position and 400 lbs (including user) in inclined positions. 

    Taller users may struggle with the bench a bit as the length may not give them full support, so if you’re over 6 ft you may struggle with this bench and perhaps you should consider the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1 instead.

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