• Best Weighted Workout Vests 2022

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    Crank your workout up a gear by adding the best weighted workout vest to your routine. Training with an adjustable weighted vest is one of the best forms of resistance training and you can adjust the weight of the vest to your ability.

    Once you’re done with your workout and take off your weighted vest, you will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders literally! And, you’ll probably feel a lot more agile. These vests can be utilized to benefit the user in many ways including using the best weighted vest for running. So, let’s get started with our Top 5!


    Best Weighted Workout Vest Reviews

    RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest









    • Comes included with weights which can be easily added or removed.
    • Includes a phone pocket and water bottle holder.
    • Optional shoulder pads can be purchased to increase comfort on your shoulders.
    • Compact, slim and easy to use.
    • Comes with a lifetime warranty.

    Possible deal breaker

    • It can be quite uncomfortable on the shoulders without the pads.

    Perhaps this would be one of the best gym equipment you will invest in. Aside from being used in the gym, the Runmax weighted vest is probably the best weighted vest for running as there are pockets and straps to securely holder your phone and water bottle!

    You can evenly distribute the weights on the front and back or you can put more weight on either side. You’ll also need to take into account the cost for purchasing this with the shoulder pads as without it, it would be quite uncomfortable. Nonetheless, this adjustable weighted workout vest is great value for money!




    Aduro Sport Weighted Vest









    • Compact in size so doesn’t interfere with your workouts.
    • Weight evenly distributed throughout.
    • Adjustable front belt can be used to tighten/loosen the vest.
    • Mesh pocket on the back can be used to store your valuables such as your phone.
    • Comes with limited lifetime warranty and friendly US customer service team.

    Possible deal breaker

    • May not be able to endure gruelling workouts as the material may not be durable enough.

    Overall a solid compact weighted workout vest that can be taken with you anywhere! Since it is so small and compact you won’t really notice that you have it on. However, you can’t increase or decrease the weight of this, you can only buy a lighter or heavier vest ranging from 6 – 30 pounds.

     Also, the mesh pocket located at the back doesn’t seem that secure especially if your workout consisted of a lot of bouncing or jumping. It’s not really ideal that it’s located out of sight at the back. But if you don’t need to use the mesh pocket then it’s ideal.




    Empower Womens Weighted Workout Vest









    • Unique y-shaped designed specially to fit around a woman’s figure.
    • Stretchy lycra spandex material with adjustable side straps fits waist sizes from 24 – 48 inches.
    • Weight is evenly distributed around the vest.
    • Secure pocket located at the front for storing your phone or small items.
    • Reflective accents located on the front and back help you stay more visible in the dark.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Only available in two weights 4lbs or 8lbs.

    This fantastic design by Empower has earned their position as the best weighted vest for women! They spotted a gap in the market and decided to design this weighted vest just for women which the users have been so grateful for.

    It is only available in 4lbs or 8lbs which is ideal for running, light workouts, walking, everyday use etc. Unfortunately, it’s not available in a heavier weight if you wanted to have a more demanding workout, however there are alternatives if you wanted that. 




    CAP Barbell Adjustable Weighted Vest









    • Available in weight sizes between 40lbs to 150lbs.
    • Weight can be adjusted by adding or removing individual weights weighing 2.5lbs each.
    • Solid construction made from reinforced nylon and polyester.
    • Adjustable waist belt and padded shoulder straps for optimal comfort.
    • Reflective stripes for increased visibility when used outdoors.

    Possible deal breaker

    • If you’re buying heavier weight size, they may occasionally miss a couple of weights, which will mean you’ll have to e-mail customer service to get the missing weights.

    A great option if you’re looking for a heavy adjustable weighted vest. The option of being able to buy one that weighs 150 pounds which can be decreased, makes this weighted vest very versatile. Due to the size being bigger than most others, it’s probably not the best weighted vest for running. You might be better off with the RUNmax Pro if you need it for running.




    CAP Barbell Weighted Workout Vest









    • Can add up to 20 pounds of resistance.
    • Each weight packet weighs 3/4 pounds which can be added or removed.
    • Secure pocket to hold your cell phone or other small items.
    • Made with breathable mesh to allow better ventilation.
    • Reflective stripes for increased visibility in low light.

    Possible deal breaker

    • If you plan to adjust the weight of the vest often, it can be a chore inserting and removing the weight packets.

    As much as having so many weight packets can be a bit of a chore inserting them into the vest, it’s also great that you can adjust the weight in such small increments. Also, as the height of the vest is only 16.5 inches and can be easily fastened with the Velcro strap, it’ll be a very comfortable fit for most users.

    Although the maximum 20 pounds of weight may not seem very heavy, the weights are evenly distributed. Furthermore, since it’s so well fitted, you probably won’t even notice you’re wearing the vest!



    Choosing the Best Adjustable Weighted Vest

    As a weighted vest is an item you have to wear, it’s imperative that you buy the right one. There are a few factors you need to take into account when you’re looking for the best weighted workout vest. Follow our guidance on things to look out for and it should go all swimmingly!


    Maximum Weight

    Some of the weighted vests will have different maximum weight options, but it’s important to pick the right weight. Choosing the right weight will largely be based on what exercises you want to use it for.



    Following on from the above point, fortunately, if the weight can be adjusted then you essentially have a multi-purpose weighted vest. However, not all of the vests are adjustable. The non-adjustable ones do have their advantages too, they tend to be more compact and probably even fit better for some users.


    Phone Pouch








    It’s quite likely that you would want to have your phone on you to listen to music whilst you’re working out, therefore, having a pouch to place it in would be very handy.

    The phone pouch would probably be a deal breaker if you were buying the weighted vest for running, as having to hold your phone in your hand whilst running or have the phone bounce up and down in your pocket is not ideal!


    Reflective Stripes









    If you’re jogging in low light then having reflective stripes will make you more visible to vehicles. It’s a nice safety feature to have, rather than having to wear your own reflective clothing.



    To ensure the weighted workout vest is the right size and fit for you, be sure to check the dimensions. Having a weighted vest that’s too big or too small can really affect your workout as it’ll probably be quite comfortable.