• Best standing T-Bar row platforms

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    Many users probably don’t actually know what this very useful gym equipment is called. Well, it has several names such as T-Bar row platform, standing T-Bar row or landmine T-bar row which are the most common ones. Now that you know what it’s called, let’s talk about why you need this in your home gym!

    If you don’t know what a T-Bar row is, it’s basically an attachment that’s secured to a stable object such as a home workout bench or through the hole of an Olympic weight plate. You then insert one end of a barbell into the T-Bar row platform, now you can build your back muscles!


    Top 5 Best T-Bar Row Machine Reviews

    Yes4All Deluxe T-Bar Row Platform



    • Fits 1” standard or 2” Olympic bars.
    • Constructed from heavy gauge solid steel for durability.
    • 360 degree full range swivel for maximum flexibility.
    • Can be attached (easily removable) to a 2” or 2.5” rack/bench or mounted to the floor or wall.
    • 5 year long manufacturer’s warranty included.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Will struggle to fit a 2.5” wide base, so it’s best to make sure your rack/bench is no wider than 2.2” at the most.

    One of the best gym equipment for your home gym and this one made by little known brand Yes4All does a fantastic job despite being one of the cheaper models. Attachments such as the double grip row or lat handle can be purchased separately or as a package with the T-Bar row.

    Using a standard barbell? No problem, you can use 1” or 2” bars! Although Olympic bars are more durable and can handle more weight, our comparison of the best Olympic barbell weight sets will point you in the right direction.




    Yes4All T-Bar Row Plate Post Insert Landmine



    • Fits only 2-inch Olympic bars which is secured by an 8-inch long pivot bar sleeve.
    • 4-inch base post which fits perfectly into Olympic weight plates which acts as the base.
    • Made from solid steel which can support up to 880 lbs.
    • Full 360 degree swivel for a whole variety of exercises.
    • Includes a 5 year workmanship warranty.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Bar holder may slightly scratch the barbell when inserted as there is no protective coating inside. This may only cause minor scratches, so shouldn’t be a major issue for most people.

    We love how this standing T-Bar row attachment for your home gym can be used pretty much anywhere! The base post simply inserts into the centre of 2 Olympic weight plates (over 25 lbs) which secures the attachment. This efficient design utilizes the equipment you probably already have!

    Furthermore, you can also buy an additional attachment which can secure this to the holes in your equipment such as an adjustable power cage.




    CAP Barbell Landmine T-Bar Row



    • Compatible with 1” or 2” barbells.
    • Easy to install, can attach to a 2 – 2.5” rack or bench or be permanently mounted to the floor or wall.
    • Made from heavy duty steel for maximum durability.
    • Maximum flexibility as it has a full vertical and horizontal range of movement.
    • Compact equipment that’s portable and takes up very little space.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • May not be able to handle a heavy load such as over 200 lbs.

    Another great T-Bar row attachment but this one is made by a well know brand, which means paying slightly more. Fortunately, it’s a very affordable product anyway so you don’t actually pay that much more. If you’re sceptical about less known brands, then the CAP Barbell T-Bar row would be a great option.




    Everstrong T-Bar Row with V Bar Attachment



    • Made from strong metal with dual oilite for durable and anti-corrosion.
    • Ultimate flexibility with the 360° left to right and 180° up and down swivel.
    • Simply insert the base into 2 weight plates and that’s your base.
    • Insert any 2” Olympic bar into the sleeve and tighten the knob to secure it.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Might have trouble inserting the base into certain types of weight plates such as bumper plates.

    A tiny bit pricier than other similar models, however, this one appears to be very durable! It’s a perfect little piece of equipment if you don’t have much space as all you need are 2 weights to form the base.

    If you are limited on space, then we also recommend adding the best foldable weight bench to your little home gym. Combine this with a T-Bar row platform and you’d be surprised by the amount of exercises you can do!




    Body-Solid TBR10 T Bar Row Platform



    • Fits both standard and Olympic bars.
    • Oversized solid steel axle pivot point.
    • Fits onto any 2” tubing or it can be bolted to the floor.
    • Full 360° swivel movement.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • You might struggle to fit this to a few benches and power racks due to it not being able to fit to tubing wider than 2”.

    If you’re someone who prefers to stick to top manufacturers when it comes to gym equipment, then this Body Solid T-Bar row platform won’t let you down! It will probably cost you slightly more than the other models made by less known manufacturers, but the price difference is not much.

    Be sure to check the size of the base you plan to mount this to as it’ll struggle to fit anything wider than 2 inches. But, if you’re bolting it to the floor, this won’t be an issue for you.




    Choosing the Best T-Bar Row Platform

    A perfect low cost way to get started for such a versatile equipment. We’re going to list a couple of important points to ensure you end up with the best T-Bar row platform.


    Barbell Size

    Whether you’re using 1” bars or standard 2” Olympic bars, you need to make sure the T-Bar row can accommodate for this. It’s not really an issue for users with 2” bars as pretty much all T-bar rows will accommodate for this.

    It’s mainly users who are using 1” bars who will need to check to see whether the T-Bar row’s bar holder will securely hold 1” bars.



    One type of design allows the T-Bar row to be attached to a stable object that’s around 2 inches thick such as the base of a power cage or similar. Whereas the other design allows you to simply use the centre of 2 Olympic weight plates as the base.


    Best T-Bar Exercises

    There are plenty of T-Bar exercises you can do! You have even more options by using different T-Bar attachments available. Here are a few of our favourite exercises.


    T-Bar Row

    This is probably the one exercise that everyone would use a T-Bar stand for! Requires the V-Bar handle attachment.


    Single Arm Shoulder Press

    Perhaps the easiest exercise to get started with as it doesn’t require any additional attachments. Many boxers also incorporate this exercise into their training plan.



    As you can imagine, there are plenty of different variations on how you can do squats. T-Bar squats is also one of them!