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    There’s no denying that every Olympic weight bench or squat rack needs the best Olympic barbell weight set to go with it! Even if you don’t have any gym equipment for your home gym, an Olympic barbell and weights set can still be used for a variety of exercises. It can be used for deadlifts, squats, lunges, bicep curls, bent over rows and many more!

    If you’re still in the early stages of buying equipment for your home gym, then we recommend choosing the best workout bench for home and best adjustable squat stand. Most inexperienced users may think any cheap Olympic weight set will do, but, there’s more to it than that. Our reviews and guides below will help you to understand and hopefully choose a new Olympic barbell weight set for your home gym.


    Best Olympic Weight Set Reviews 2019

    XMark Olympic Bar with Rubber Weight Plates Set


    • Includes XMark 7 ft Olympic bar and 45 lb set of tri-grip rubber coated weight plates.
    • Weight plates included: 2 x 10 lb, 4 x 5 lb and 2 x 2.5 lb.
    • Can support up to 700 lbs in weight.
    • Bar is coated in manganese phosphate which protects against corrosion and abrasion.
    • High quality cast iron plates covered in premium rubber casing made from recycled rubber.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Rubber coating on the weights can give off strong chemical smell which may affect those with lung problems.

    A great value for money rubber coated Olympic weight set which is ideal if you want a long-lasting weight set. There aren’t that many weight plates included, only 45 pounds in total, so you probably would need to buy more. You’d also need to buy some collars as these are not included.

    Thanks to the rubber coated weight plates, these won’t cause as much damage to your flooring if you were to accidently drop them. The tri-grip handles also make it easier to do weight plate exercises.

    One potential concern with the rubber plates is that it gives off quite a strong chemical smell which can affect some people, especially those with lung problems. To combat this smell, air out the weight plates in the open for a few days, this will reduce the smell significantly but not completely eliminate it.




    XMark Lumberjack Olympic Bar and Weight Plate Set


    • Includes XMark 7 ft Lumberjack Olympic bar and Texas Star rubber coated weight plates.
    • Can purchase different options of weight sets ranging from 45 lbs to 365 lbs.
    • Texas Star Olympic plates have 5 grip handles designed for easier handling.
    • Plates made from tough cast iron with premium rubber coating to reduce the impact when dropped.
    • Durable bar with a 700 lb weight capacity.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Bar can be susceptible to rust if not well maintained.

    Not the cheapest Olympic weight set but very good quality and highly durable. Incredible finish and knurling which helps you get a better grip on the bar. You have plenty of choices in terms of what weight set you want to choose to go with the bar.

    As mentioned in the previous product, the rubber coating on the weight plates will have a strong odour but airing this outdoors will cause the smell to dissipate quicker. Be sure to keep the bar well maintained as it can rust over time.




    USA Sports 300 lb Olympic Weight Set


    • Includes 7 ft Olympic bar and solid weight plates set.
    • Weight plates included: 2 x 45 lb, 2 x 35 lb, 2 x 25 lb, 2 x 10 lb, 4 x 5 lb and 2 x 2.5 lb.
    • Barbell weight 45 lbs and can handle up to 600 lbs.
    • Spring collars are also included.
    • Barbell is covered by a 5 year warranty and weight plates are covered by a 10 year warranty.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Knurled finish on the bar may be a bit too abrasive and harsh for some users.

    This 300 lb Olympic weight set made by USA Sports is a solid all-rounder! Enough weight plates for a whole array of exercises enough to satisfy the majority of users. Unlike some other sets, this one includes the spring collars!

    The knurling on the bar may be a bit too harsh on the hands for some users, but you can simply wear weight gloves to combat this. Although some users find they have a better grip with the abrasive knurling on this bar.

    Backed by a generous 5 year warranty for the bar and 10 years for the weight plates, you can buy with more reassurance. It’s also worth noting that the delivery of this item is very organised and professional.




    OneFitWonder 160 lbs Bumper Plates Set


    • Superior quality bumper weight plates where you can purchase sets ranging from 100 lbs to 370 lbs.
    • Bumper plates are designed to be safely dropped from overhead causing minimal to no damage to your flooring or equipment.
    • Gives off only very little odour, so it won’t stink the place out!
    • Plates have been tested for 30,000 drops to ensure ultimate durability.
    • Covered by a 365 day satisfaction guarantee.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • No barbell included so you’ll need to buy this separately if you don’t already have one.

    Do you have a habit of dropping the weights? If the answer is yes, then this bumper Olympic weight set needs a home in your gym! Some exercises especially when lifting heavy require you to just drop the weights so you’d need bumper weight plates as these will prevent damage to your flooring and equipment.

    Bumper plates do tend to cost more as they’re designed for that purpose, thanks to the dense solid rubber construction. There’s a reason why they’ve been tested for 30,000 drops! It’s important you have the right barbell for whatever purpose you’re using the weights for.  




    CAP Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Set


    • Includes 7 ft Olympic bar with black oxide finish and solid cast iron weight plates.
    • Weight plates included: 2 x 45 lb, 2 x 35 lb, 2 x 25 lb, 2 x 10 lb, 4 x 5 lb and 2 x 2.5 lb.
    • Diamond knurling on the bar for a secure grip and better control.
    • Spring collars included.
    • Bar has a 500 lb weight capacity.

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Actual weight of each plate can be a little off in some cases but only very minor that shouldn’t make much of a difference to your workout.

    For the price and brand this is a great cheap 300 lb Olympic weight set made by the well-known CAP Barbell. As the bar can support up to 500 lbs, this suggests that it’s not designed for extremely heavy lifting.

    Weight plates are made from solid cast iron which proves to be very durable, but, can damage your flooring if dropped. On the other hand, these plates are completely odourless, unlike rubber coated plates which can give off quite a strong unpleasant odour. Nonetheless, a great Olympic weight set especially if you’re just starting out.




    Choosing the Best Olympic Barbell Weight Set for Your Home Gym

    As an Olympic barbell and weights on average costs more than an Olympic weight bench or squat rack, it’s important you pick the right one. Alternatively, a fixed dumbbell set coupled with a foldable weight bench can save you money and definitely space!

    Of course if you have the space and money then having the option of training with both dumbbells and an Olympic bar would be ideal.












    Generally, the length of an Olympic bar would be 7 foot. However, they can come in different lengths. Most gym equipment that’s designed to be used with an Olympic bar will cater for a 7 foot bar. But, it’s usually when you have a 6 foot bar you’d need to double check whether the gym equipment can accommodate smaller bars.



    How strong and durable the bar is plays a huge factor if you want it last a long time. Also, if you’re going to be adding a lot of weight plates to the bar, you would want to be sure the Olympic bar can support the weights.


    Weight Plate Type

    Choosing the correct weight plate type can be very important if you’ll be using it for certain exercises. We’re going to run through three of the most common weight plate types:


    Cast iron







    Solid and durable throughout and usually the cheapest option as well which makes them a popular choice. Although, it can be susceptible to scratches and cosmetic damage. Also, it’s more likely to cause damage to your flooring if dropped.


    Rubber coated







    Essentially just cast iron weights but with encased with an extra layer of rubber for added protection, safety and durability. The rubber coating also protects the weights from chipping and can protect your flooring from some damage. Needless to say, rubber coated weight plates usually cost more than cast iron weight plates.









    Predominately made from rubber which offer maximum protection to the weight plates as well as your flooring. Designed to be dropped from overhead height for certain exercises, therefore, damage to your flooring is minimal.

    Bumper weight plate sets tend to cost the most and there are a few different types as well. However, they are extremely durable and should last you a very long time!


    Is it Cheaper to Buy an Olympic Barbell Weight Set or Buy it Separately?

    As we know, buying an Olympic barbell weight set is not cheap, so would you may be wondering would it be cheaper to buy it separately?

    Let’s say we wanted to look for a cheaper option and went for the CAP Barbell Olympic Bar which costs $67. Now we need to add weight plates, 2 x 45 lbs ($100), 2 x 35 lbs ($73), 2 x 25 lbs ($60), 2 x 10 lbs ($30), 4 x 5 lbs ($24), 2 x 2.5lbs ($13.50), the total of all the weight plates adds up to $300.50. Adding the cost of the bar brings the total up to $367.50.

    If you were to buy all this as a set, which is the CAP Barbell 300 Pound Olympic Set, it would cost you $335, which is not a massive saving, but is still cheaper. However, you may not need 300 lbs worth of weights, so buying it separately allows you to buy less weights and choosing what weight plate size and types you prefer.

    Also, you may want to spend more money and buy a highly rated bar, such as the Power Guidance Olympic Bar, which is 1500 lb rated! Therefore, it’s really just your preference whether you want to buy a whole set or buy it separately.