• Best Must Have Equipment For Your Home Gym

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    Having the best equipment for your home gym doesn’t have to be expensive nor do you have to have an empty garage.  The best home workout equipment for you though of course depends on your gym goals, whether it be getting bigger, getting fitter, losing weight, etc.  Nonetheless, we’re going to go through the necessary must have gym equipment to help you achieve your goals.


    Building Strength & Muscle

    Forget buying expensive home gym machines, free weights have more advantages over machines anyway.  The equipment below are for those who are looking for the best home gym equipment to build strength and gain muscle, without breaking the bank.


    Adjustable dumbbells set

    First and foremost, without a set of dumbbells you’ll have to rely solely on the weight of your arms to build muscle.  With an adjustable dumbbells set, you’ll save plenty of space as it can replace up to 17 standard dumbbells

    Whether you have a bench or not, you can still workout with a set of dumbbells, of course you can do a lot more with a bench though.  For us, this is one of the most important must have equipment for your home gym.


    Adjustable weight bench

    An adjustable weight bench, which includes a fold up weight bench is more favourable over an Olympic weight bench.  The reason for this is because it allows you to do more exercises, it’s more portable and takes up a lot less space.  If space and portability are not an issue for you, then check out our article on what type of weight bench should you buy.

    Bonus points if you pick a bench with a low decline setting as this will also allow you to do ab crunches to really toughen up your core area.

    An Olympic bench usually won’t allow you to use dumbbells, whereas a dumbbell bench allows you to use both dumbbells and an Olympic bar.  We’ll cover how it can be used with an Olympic bar in our next must have gym equipment. 


    Squat rack

    A really valuable must have home gym equipment, an adjustable squat rack can be used on its own for exercises such as squats and lunges.  Combine it with a dumbbell bench, and essentially you have an Olympic bench since it’ll allow you to bench with an Olympic bar.

    Now you can see how much more you can do just by adding a squat rack.  Plus, it can be freely moved around, unlike Olympic benches where the squat stand is usually fixed to the bench.  It may also help to learn about the difference types of squat racks if you’re not sure what one you want.

    Use the squat rack on its own or with a bench


    T-Bar row platform

    One piece of equipment which may often get overlooked, is a standing t-bar row. First of all, it’s very affordable and utilizes your Olympic bar if you already own one. Secondly, the actual t-bar platform barely takes up any space, but the exercises will require some space.

    Affordable and requires minimal space, this is exactly why this is one of the best at home workout equipment you should highly consider for your home gym.


    TRX Suspension Trainer

    Enjoy a full body workout which can be done in the comfort of your own home or anywhere else.  As long as you have a door at home then you can securely use a TRX Suspension Trainer

    It can be taken anywhere with you thanks to its portability and lightweight.  Despite that, it’s still very effective as it uses your own bodyweight for workouts.  Comes with a 35 page workout guide to get you started!


    Cardio & Fitness

    Although lifting weights can feel like a cardio workout sometimes, it’s still important to keep your heart muscle strong by giving it a real cardio workout.  Check out our best home cardio gym equipment below.


    Jump rope

    One of the cheapest ways to improve your cardio is to buy a jump rope!  Not only will it improve your cardio but also tone up your calves, arms, shoulders and not to mention improve your footwork. 

    “I don’t know how to skip” I hear you cry, well what can’t you learn of Youtube these days!?  It’s cheaper, more fun, has more benefits than running on a treadmill and it can be done absolutely anywhere!


    Aerobic stepper

    This one is a great all-rounder that can be used by any family member that’s into fitness. An adjustable exercise step can come in different shapes and sizes depending on your needs. Takes up only minimal space which is why this is a must have fitness equipment at home.

    Some models are so versatile that it can be used as an aerobic stepper, weight bench and plyometric box. It can even be a cheaper and space saving alternative to having a weight bench, but of course it’s never going to be able to match a workout bench’s functionality for weight training.


    Freestanding Punch Bag

    Again, hitting a punch bag requires you to learn a little bit about boxing but the rewards are more lucrative.  A freestanding punch bag does require more workout space since you have to move around the bag, but it’s still very affordable.

    More and more people are choosing boxing as a means to keep fit and stay in shape.  Most personal trainers have taken courses to become qualified pad holders to meet the demands of their clients.  However, paying for a personal trainer can be quite expensive and you can easily learn and practice yourself.

    The good thing about freestanding punch bags is they don’t need to be hung up on a bracket like heavy punch bags would.  You will need to buy a pair of boxing gloves though, which can be bought for quite cheap.


    Folding Treadmill

    Going for a jog outdoors is probably one of the best ways and easiest ways to keep fit, since most people would have already learned to run from an early age.  However, sometimes weather conditions can really put you off jogging outdoors, so you don’t stay consistent with it.

    The good news is with a treadmill, your regular workout can still be done without disturbing your routine.  Even better that a folding treadmill is more space efficient when it’s not in use.  Running is arguably more beneficial for overall fitness than the other cardio machines such as an exercise bike, rowing machine, etc.

    That’s not to say that other cardio machines are not effective, but if you’re limited on space, a treadmill would be one of the best cardio equipment for your home gym.



    This just goes to show that you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on gym equipment for your home gym.  Don’t waste money buying unnecessary fancy gym equipment, because you’ll soon realize the equipment we listed will be enough for you to achieve your goals.

    We’re also aware that not everyone will have a dedicated garage or gym room in their house, so space can be a bit scarce for some people, which is why we selected gym equipment that don’t take up much footprint!

    Many people are convinced that home gyms will allow them to have a full body workout, whereas really free weights will enable you to work the same muscles but more effectively, the majority of the times.