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    The Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench is designed by Body Solid, who specialize in a whole array of gym equipment for home use and commercial use.  Established for 25 years strong, they operate in 57 countries worldwide and their impressive array of gym equipment include multi-station gyms, free weight machines, weight benches, dumbbells, weight plates plus many more.


    • Adjustable from flat to incline.  There is no decline adjustment.Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench
    • Fold up storage design for space saving.
    • Includes leg developer.
    • The height of the squat rack is adjustable, ideal when bench pressing as some people may have shorter or longer arms.
    • 3 year frame warranty and 1 year warranty on other parts.
    • Dimensions: 68″ L x 41″ W x 45″ H.  Weight 74 lbs.


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    • The bench folds away so won’t be in the way when not in use.Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench
    • Strong and sturdy bench but not olympic standard.
    • Comes with leg developer, used mainly for building your quads and hamstrings.
    • Can accomodate 6 ft or 7 ft bars.
    • Comes equipped with all the tools required to assemble.



    • The gap between the seat and back support is too wide apart.
    • Seat doesn’t adjust upright to a 85 or 90 degree angle.
    • Doesn’t come with safety spotters.


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    The unique feature of the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench is that it is an olympic style bench that folds, which may be a major factor for someone whBest Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench o lacks space.  However there’s not many incline adjustment settings and the bench doesn’t adjust upright either which means you’re unable to do shoulder press exercises. 

    To use this bench as a squat stand you have to fold the bench away first to enable you to freely have access to the squat stand otherwise the bench would be in your way!  But this is not really that practical.  The leg developer can also be removed if you don’t plan to use it.

    If you’re limited on space and you want a folding olympic bench for mainly bench pressing then the Best Fitness BFOB10 Olympic Bench would be a good option.  For more portable folding weight benches, the Powerline PFID125X and Body Solid GFID225 are both dumbbell benches which are slightly smaller in size.

    In comparison with our best 10 weight benches, the BFOB10 olympic bench doesn’t make the list, but if you specifically wanted a fold up weight bench then it’s not a bad option.

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