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    1) Reebok Original Aerobic Step2) The Step Original Aerobic Platform3) The Step Home Gym Workout System4) The Step High Step Aerobic Platform5) Escape Fitness Deck
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    Height Settings6", 8" or 10"4", 6" or 8"4" or 6"4”, 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”8" or 14"
    Maximum Weight Capacity242 lbs275 lbs400 lbs275 lbs240 lbs
    Dimensions (Inches)40L x 15.2W 28.5L x 14.5W 26L x 11W12L x 9W 43.5L x 13W


    Being on lockdown and not having some gym equipment can be nightmare! Fortunately, choosing the best exercise step platform can add a bit of excitement. Another massive added perk is that an adjustable aerobic stepper can also be used as a home workout bench. Non-adjustable exercise steppers tend to be much cheaper than any weight bench and can still be used as a flat bench.

    And of course, you also benefit from using the aerobic step bench for cardio and an all-round body workout. Height adjustable aerobic steppers are perfect for increasing the intensity or for various exercises.

    Due to Covid-19, most gym equipment will be out of stock as they are not a priority to help combat Covid-19. However, most of the aerobic steppers are still in stock, so take advantage and get them whilst you can!


    Best Aerobic Step Platform Reviews

    Reebok Original Aerobic Step

    • Adjustable to 3 different height settings 6”, 8” and 10”.
    • Non-slip sweat resistant workout surface.
    • Risers can neatly be stored at the bottom of the platform when not in use.
    • Compact and stackable design means it takes less storage space.
    • Maximum weight limit 242 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 40”L x 15.2”W.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Maximum height can’t be further increased like some other models.

    The durability, neat and compact design has earned the Reebok professional aerobic deck our best exercise step platform. Although the maximum height can’t be further increased like you can with some other models, the maximum height for the Reebok stepper is already 2 inches more than these steppers as standard. In addition, buying extra risers are not cheap!

    With the maximum height setting at 10 inches, this makes it more of an ideal height to use as a weight bench for bench press exercises. Not to mention the compact and stackable design helps to save space which is similar to a compact weight bench. However, a weight bench can’t be used as an adjustable aerobic stepper, whereas this can be used as both!



    The Step Original Aerobic Platform

    • Height adjustable from 4” to 6” to 8”.
    • Made from durable, recyclable high-density polyethylene.
    • Non-slip platform top for better grip.
    • The base of each riser and the platform have non-skid feet to prevent sliding.
    • Supports up to 275 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 28.5”L x 14.5”W.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Platform may be a bit too small for some users.

    Step into action with The Step circuit size which is perfect for home use as it takes up less footprint than the health club platform model. Easily adjust the height by 2 inches by adding a riser on each size, in addition, the risers come with addition resistance which means that the maximum weight limit increases to 400 lbs!

    With this style, when the risers are not being used, you will have to place them elsewhere, whereas with some other models, the risers simply just attach to the bottom of the platform. Having said that, the great thing about this style is that you can buy just the risers to further increase the overall height of the platform.



    The Step Home Gym Workout System

    • Quickly adjust the height between 4” or 6”.
    • Risers securely attaches to the platform for easy transportation.
    • Small and compact ideal for small spaces.
    • Shock absorbing platform can support up to 400 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 26”L x 11”W.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Rubber feet at the base is not that stable on certain surfaces.

    A great mini aerobic step bench for small spaces for those on a low budget! One thing to note is that the platform size is considerably smaller than a full size aerobic stepper bench that would measure at around 43” x 16”. Furthermore, you only have a choice of 2 height settings.

    Another issue is that the rubber feet at the base may not be fully stable on certain surfaces such as hardwood. It may slide, however, this can simply be fixed by just placing a yoga mat underneath.



    The Step High Step Aerobic Platform

    • Can be adjusted to 5 different height settings 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” or 12”.
    • Non-slip platform for optimum performance.
    • Non-skid feet on the risers and platform prevents sliding and scratching floors.
    • Supports up to 275 lbs.
    • Dimensions: 13”L x 9”W.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Platform might not be very secure at the highest height.

    Increase the intensity of your aerobic step exercises by adding extra height to your platform! This high step adjustable step up platform can go up to 12 inches which is great for a tough workout. Do bear in mind though that this step is designed for single step workouts as it’s only 9” wide.

    Another thing to note is that although the temptation of using this to do box jumps will be too strong for some users, this is not designed for box jumps and can cause injury, so we wouldn’t recommend it. A plyometric box would be best used for box jumps.



    Escape Fitness Deck

    • Choose between 2 height settings 8” or 14”.
    • Can adjust the platform to 30°, 45° and 70° angles to use as a weight bench.
    • Attachment points to integrate with resistance bands.
    • Small built-in storage compartment.
    • Neatly folds away for compact storage.
    • Dimensions: 43.5”L x 13”W.

    Possible deal breaker

    • Quite a costly piece of equipment especially if you don’t make use out of all the features.

    From our list the Escape Fitness Deck is the only adjustable exercise step platform with adjustable risers on the platform which in effect converts it into an adjustable weight bench. In fact, it’s so versatile that it qualifies as an aerobic stepper, plyometric box and a weight bench!

    However (there’s always a however!), this would only be suitable for light use as a workout bench as the safe maximum weight limit suggested by the manufacturer is 240 lbs. Just as a comparison, a very good but quite low cost bench such as the Fitness Reality 1000, would be able to support up to 800 lbs.

    A very neat feature we liked was the storage compartment located inside the stepper. You have to lift the platform up as if you were going to use it for incline bench exercises. This little compartment is ideal for storing small items such as gym gloves and resistance bands. Lastly, its ability to collapse to just 8” high makes it compact like a under bed weight bench.




    Adjustable Step Up Platform vs Weight Bench

    An adjustable exercise step can most certainly be used as a weight bench but only to a degree. For some users the aerobic step platform might be more than satisfactory as an exercise bench substitute, but it all depends on what you want to use it for.

    Below we’ll compare the pros and cons of a stepper, focusing particularly on whether this would be a good substitute for a weight bench. This way you can decide which one is more suitable for your home workouts.


    Aerobic Stepper Pros:

    • On average quite a lot cheaper.
    • Smaller and more compact, taking up less storage space.
    • Can be used for light bench exercises.
    • Good alternative to a weight bench for light home exercises.
    • Very lightweight and portable so can be used pretty much anywhere.


    • Even if you choose one that could go as high as 14”, it’s still not the right height for a bench.
    • Not ideal for medium to heavy workouts as the maximum weight limit tends to be around 240 lbs.
    • Not really suitable for users who weight near or over the maximum weight limit to use as a workout bench.
    • Quite limited with far less adjustable positions if it even has that function.



    Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned pro, an adjustable aerobic stepper is a great piece of equipment to have for your home. One of the best things about it is its multi functional purpose which makes it worth buying. Not to mention how little footprint it takes up in storage.

    Another point to mention is how this can be an alternative to a gym bench. If you didn’t want to spend too much money but still wanted to implement some weight training during self-isolation, then this would be ideal. Furthermore, if there are several members in your household who have different fitness goals then this could be ideal for them too!

    If even the best exercise step platform just doesn’t cut it, then you can still grab a great cheap weight bench under $100!