• Best Adjustable Squat Rack Under $200

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    If you’re looking for the best squat rack for your home gym for under $200, then you’ve come to the right place! Initially we were going to write a review for the best adjustable squat racks for under $100, but to be honest, there weren’t as many options and we’re not willing to review useless gym equipment.

    With that in mind, that means you might need to fork out a few more dollars to buy a fairly decent squat rack or power cage. It’s not like buying a weight bench where you can easily buy a very decent weight bench for under $100.

    Most Olympic weight benches will actually have a squat stand included, so this could be an alternative if you don’t already own a weight bench. One bench that’s particularly ideal is the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 as this comes equipped with a standalone squat stand. Which gives you necessary space for your exercises.

    Before we move on to the top 5 best adjustable squat racks for under $200, we’ve wrote an article on the benefits of using a squat rack, just so you know it’s not a waste of money!

    Best Adjustable Squat Rack Reviews 2022

    CAP Barbell Power Rack Exercise Stand

    • Constructed from 11 and 12 gauge steel.
    • Safety catches support up to 500 pounds and pull up bar can withstand up to 750 pounds.
    • Adjustable j-cup catches means it’s safer to workout alone.
    • Built-in bar and weight storage.
    • 30 day warranty included.
    • Dimensions: 46”W x 50”D x 85”H

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Not suitable for heavy duty use as the manufacturer states.

    This is possibly the best squat rack for your home gym for under $100! It’s not a full power cage but it’s not far off. Thanks to that, the CAP Barbell Power Rack is versatile as it’ll allow you to perform a variety of exercises such as: squats, bench press, pull ups and TRX workouts.

    Despite the warranty included is only 30 days, CAP is a brand you can trust with over 30 years in the fitness industry. Also, it’s not ideal for heavy duty use, probably more light to medium use, but for the price it’s hard to beat.

    Yaheetech Adjustable Squat Rack

    • Adjustable height from 114 – 179 cm.
    • Maximum load capacity of 480 pounds.
    • 14 adjustable height slots which are each spaced 5 cm apart.
    • Anti-skid triangular base for stability and to prevent floor damage.
    • Freely moveable to anywhere of your choice.
    • Dimensions: 21.5”W x 20”D x 45”H (height adjustable)

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Rubber grips on the feet often detach which can be a nuisance.

    Anyone who’s limited on space will find this space saving squat rack a great solution. Not only that, it’s great value for money! With the ability to support up to 480 pounds, you can be sure it can endure a heavy workout.

    Equipped with safety spotters as well as a place to rest the bar means you can safely bench press. As the adjustable squat stands are two separate units, this can easily be moved around, meaning you can workout from anywhere! Combine that with a fold up weight bench and you pretty much have a portable mini gym!

    F2C Adjustable Power Squat Rack Cage

    • Solid steel frame with 3 step powder coated finish.
    • Adjustable to 29 different levels.
    • Can support up to 550 pounds.
    • Overhead bar can be used for a variety of exercises.
    • Has two weight storage posts which can also be used to stabilize the squat cage.
    • Dimensions: 48”W x 44”D x 83”H

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Little known brand which means the quality and customer service could be questionable.

    You’d struggle to find a cheaper squat rack with a pull up bar to be honest. Although it’s not a known brand, the F2C Squat Rack Cage still ranks fairly high, however, if you want something long lasting, perhaps it’s better to stick to a well-known manufacturer and pay a bit more money.

    Body Champ PBC530 Power Rack

    • 2 pairs of adjustable bar holders, one pair to hold the bar and the other used as a spotter.
    • Bar catches have a maximum weight load of 300 pounds.
    • 4 built-in floor anchors for optional mounting which adds more stability.
    • Built-in 2 Olympic weight plate storage posts to keep your workout area tidy.
    • Includes 1 year limited warranty.
    • Dimensions: 42”L x 62”W x 82”H

    Possible deal breaker:

    • Bar catches only support up to 300 pounds so not ideal for heavy workouts.

    You’ll find that there are not as many reputable or well-known brands if you’re seeking the best adjustable squat rack under $200. However, Body Champ is not one of the top brands like Body Solid, but it’s still pretty decent and definitely a lot more affordable.

    The two pairs of adjustable bar holder are perfect for various workouts and knowing you always have that safety net if you’re training alone. Although this power rack is designed for more light to medium use as it has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, but, this is still more than enough to get a good workout.

    Merax Adjustable Squat Stand

    • Solid steel construction which can support up to 550 pounds.
    • 13 height adjustment settings where the bar holder and spotter arms can both be adjusted.
    • Width can also be adjusted to accommodate different bar lengths.
    • Built-in dip station located at the back of the stand.
    • Weight plate storage posts located at the back.
    • Dimensions: 27.5-45.5”L x 19.5”W x 43.5-67.5”H

    Possible deal breaker:

    • When on the higher height settings it can feel less sturdy.

    A great affordable squat stand combined with a dip station! As both of the stands are connected, this ensures it’s sturdier and better yet, the width can also be adjusted so you can use it with different size bars. Pretty quick and easy to set up so no need to waste time assembling this.

    Choosing the Best Squat Rack for Your Home Gym

    Purchasing a squat rack requires taking a few factors into consideration, one reason is because of how big this piece of gym equipment is! If you buy one you end up falling out with, it’s not as easy to get rid of because of its size!

    Follow our guidelines below for your best chance of buying the most compatible squat rack for your home gym.


    We have already explained the different types of squat racks in our squat rack benefits guide. So, you’ll need to make sure you choose the right type whether it’s a squat stand or cage based on your workouts and goals.

    A squat cage will allow you to perform more exercises and can even be safer as well. Whereas adjustable squat stands are freely moveable and can be placed at any distance apart to cater for 6ft bars as well.

    Don’t forget that none of the home squat racks listed above include any weights. We recommend buying the Gold’s Gym Olympic Weight Set to help you get started, as this comes with a 7ft Olympic bar and weights!

    Alternatively, if you need something with more weights then consider an Olympic barbell weight set. You can choose from a range of weight sets and weight plate types to suit your needs!


    The space you have available will largely determine what type you’re eligible for, which is why it’s important to check the space you have available and the dimensions of the squat rack. For those with less space, an adjustable squat stand would be ideal.

    Space saving adjustable squat rack – Yaheetech

    Maximum Load

    An indication of how sturdy the squat rack is will be to check the maximum weight load it can handle. If you’re going to be lifting heavy then it’s probably better to go for one with a higher weight capacity.

    Be aware though, some users complain that some squat racks usually the unknown brands, can’t actually support up to the maximum weight capacity they state. So, if you do need a sturdy squat rack perhaps it’s better to choose a more reputable brand.

    Plate/Bar Storage

    Keeping your workout area tidy when it’s not in use can be important if it’s an area where other household members can access. The last thing you want is for someone to injure themselves because you left something lying around!

    Thankfully, having a plate/bar storage post can assist you by helping keep your area looking neat and tidy.


    Be sure to check what’s the warranty policy as some of the less known brands may not offer any warranty or it’d be very limited. However, this may not bother some users as you won’t be able to get anything for as cheap as the less known brands.

    Best Squat Rack Exercises

    A squat rack or power cage can be used for a variety of exercises. See the exercises below to make the most out of your money.


    Starting with the most obvious and what should be the main reason why someone wants to buy a squat rack. Squats is one of the best exercises out there for building your leg muscles. For complete beginners who are not confident, a power cage will offer more safety and security.

    Bench Press/Shoulder press

    Use an adjustable workout bench with a squat rack and you essentially have an Olympic workout bench, as now you can bench press with an Olympic bar rather than just dumbbells. This is a great option if you want to use a weight bench for both dumbbell bench press and barbell bench press.

    Pull ups

    Pull ups can be done on squat cages, although it’s not impossible to do on squat stands if you place the bar on top of the bar holder and use that as the pull up bar. It’s an ideal place to have a pull up bar rather than doing it in the middle of the doorway!



    Suspension straps can only be used on a squat cage with a pull up bar as the straps will need to be properly secured to the pull up bar. This is great utilization of the cage as using TRX suspension straps is a whole new equipment you’re adding not just a single exercise.