• Barbell Bench Press

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    The Barbell bench press on flat bench is another basic but effective exercise.  I’m pretty sure most guys who has been to a gym has done this exercise at some point before.  The barbell bench press is again another chest exercise I rate highly because it works the major muscle groups in the upper body.

    Targeted muscles:

    • Primary: Pectorals.
    • Secondary: Triceps, shoulders and deltoids.


    • Start off with a comfortble warm up weight (even just the bar).
    • Lay your back down on the bench with your feet touching the ground.
    • Grab the bar just a little wider than shoulder width (not too wide).
    • Lift the bar off the rack and make sure the bar is directly above your nipple line. (Make sure your wrist is not bent.)
    • Slowly control the bar down towards your chest, the bar should gently touch along your nipple line. (Do not bounce the bar off your chest!)
    • Slowly push the bar up, control the bar keeping it stable.
    • Remember to exhale when pushing up and inhale when bringing the dumbbell back towards your chest. (your muscles need oxygen so it doesn’t fatigue quickly!)
    • Your body should be stable the whole time and if you are arching your back it means the weight is too heavy!


    The barbell bench press works the body in a similar way the dumbbell bench press does, it builds and strengthens the chest but does not have as much emphasis on the triceps as the triceps doesn’t need to work as hard to stabilize the bar.

    As mentioned before the pectorals is the primary foundation to building other upper body muscles.  This will help increase your strength for exercises such as shoulders, because the muscles used in the barbell bench press is the same muscles (excluding pectorals) used for the shoulder press.